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improved apps working with partners
sales enablement and digital adoption with improved apps
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partners aid digital adoption
salesforce training with an in-app digital adoption solution will boost sales enablement

Consulting Partners

Customers are often facing challenges with documentation, as it may be lacking, outdated, difficult to locate, overly complex, or not tailored to their specific needs, resulting in a lack of value for the user.

Let’s take action. Let’s quickly increase customers revenue, productivity and adoption.

How we make it easy for Partners

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Contact us for a free licence. Choose to install one or both of our apps. Really easy and quick
improve salesforce user adoption step 2


Drag and drop chosen packaged components onto pages, then run the quick start wizard.
Really easy… and quick

improve salesforce user adoption step 3


Import existing documentation or start authoring content to deploy in your app or client org, all within the Salesforce. Yup, you guessed it – have end users engaging with content really quick.
NO browser extensions!

“We believe adoption works best when users are involved in shaping requirements. Enablement doesn’t stop at go-live, it’s ongoing and part of the ‘service’ offered to sales people to ensure maximum ROI and successful roll-out.”

Gemma Blezard, Founder, The Architech Club

“There are many benefits of Improved Help around performance support and digital adoption for remote workers. Your products have helped a global deployment successfully go live remotely, with new systems, processes and ways of working, meeting the challenges of the pandemic while still doing the business.”

Paul Duggins, Senior Consultant, Capgemini

Sample partners we work with via our customers:

As supporters of B1G1, for every partner we work with, we make a positive social impact on the planet, proudly supporting Business for Good.

Make our solutions the backbone of your digital adoption capability

Get real-time insights & analytics on how your users engage with Salesforce.

Ensure key communications are not missed, with full audit and tracking. 

User Training, designed specifically for small organisations and NFP’s.

Help businesses surface any content at the point of need, on any device.

sales enablement and digital adoption with improved apps

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Boost your organisation’s digital adoption today

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