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Partnerships are powerful

Working with Salesforce ISV and consulting partners around the globe is a cornerstone of our strategy to help organisations achieve their digital transformation goals with Salesforce.
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Together we thrive

Digital Adoption Solutions have become business critical and Gartner have identified a growing trend for customers and partners wanting to learn more about this space.

It's estimated that 70% of organisations will use digital adoption solutions by 2025

Source: Gartner 2020 Workplace Survey

Be assured that we understand services, but we are not a services business. Our alliance programme promotes working with strategic partners to ensure our mutual Salesforce customers achieve a state where all digital tools and assets are leveraged to the fullest extent.

Our Digital Adoption Solutions complement your services, providing you with a unique proposition to drive better employee, customer or partner experiences of their Salesforce platform.

And it works both ways. When a customer has limited training and content authoring resources in-house, they ask us to find them a consulting partner who can provide these services around our solution… this could be you!

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salesforce training with an in-app digital adoption solution will boost sales enablement

As our partner, you own the end customer relationship. We support your business and onboard your people to enable them to implement our tools as an integrated part of your overall solution to ensure mutual success.

Presenting Improved Apps as part of your overall solution will show your customers how committed you are to high levels of user engagement and adoption of their Salesforce platform. We’re also happy to white label the products, so you can take all the credit!

We very often dovetail into existing projects and business cases, where user engagement and digital adoption is recognised as a key success factor.

Sample partners we work with via our customers:

The Best Digital Adoption Solution for Salesforce

Working with Salesforce, Customers and Partners in the Salesforce ecosystem for 10 years, we have created a world leading, next generation Digital Adoption solution to drive user engagement and ensure rapid ROI. We are the User Engagement People.

Our unique 100% native solution is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies and we are committed to supporting Not for Profit organisations. We are passionate about Digital Transformation and believe all organisations should have the ability to support their users with best practice tools and solutions. As supporters of B1G1, for every partner we work with, we make a positive social impact on the planet, proudly supporting Business for Good.

At the lower levels digital adoption surfaces critical content to the right people at the right time and provides help and training and compliance tools.

At the higher levels digital adoption transcends many business critical applications and processes in the enterprise (shown in the diagram on the right) and provides access to statistical information that can be analysed and further expanded, capturing sentiment and feedback as various user communities go about their day.

As ERP and more recently CRM allowed businesses to consolidate vendors, costs and drive efficiencies by breaking down the silos…Digital Adoption is set to provide a similar leap which your Salesforce customers are looking for today…

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What’s the opportunity for you as an Improved Apps partner?

Most importantly, we are fun to work with, have a flexible approach, place the customer at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about our products, solutions and the part they play in The Battle for Digital Adoption.

More information on our two solutions, which are the backbone of our digital adoption capability.

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Helps businesses surface critical information at the point of need, on any device. This can be general help, guidance, broken down training material (bite-size, always-on learning) and we measure all users interactions with content and capture feedback/sentiment along the way. This ensures critical content is not missed and users get the best experience possible, whilst boosting performance.

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Gets critical comms out of collaboration tools and email – Make sure critical communications are not missed, with full audit and tracking metrics. Alert users to critical communications with the engaging notification banner – available in ‘breaking news’ ticker style or wide/narrow form-factors by Salesforce experience.

Get started in 3 easy steps

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Choose to install one or both of our apps – Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard.

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Drag and drop chosen packaged components onto your pages, then run the quick start wizard.

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Create Engaging Content

Start authoring content and deploy to your users, all within your Salesforce application.

Get started with Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard NOW!

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