The Battle for Digital Adoption

Gone are the heroic battles for queen and country. The new battle, happening
right now, in every industry, across the globe, is for Digital Adoption.

Battlegrounds have shifted from the trenches, air or high seas; they are now being fought in the cloud.

The implications are bigger than anything in the history books, will impact more people than ever before and the stakes almost imperceptibly much higher. The promised land of humans and technology working in harmony, to shape our future in a sustainable universe only exists if we make it happen.

Gartner estimate that 70% of organisations will use digital adoption solutions by 2025 to overcome insufficient user experiences.

The successful adoption of technologies plays a critical role across all digital transformation projects… without it companies are heading for a wasteland of abandoned, obsolete and underutilised technology, lack of progress, high employee churn and poor customer experience…The land of Laggards and Digital Disillusionment beckons…

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