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Streamline Case Management to Reduce Cost and Boost Customer Experience

Standard Salesforce Adoption Dashboards only give visibility of number of records created on standard objects or how many edits have been done. Improved Apps can show you what records are being viewed and how many times!
Streamline Case Management to Reduce Cost and Boost Customer Experience

Use Case

Quickly view how many times support team users have looked at a Case that does not have ownership. No more cherry picking cases!

Customer Example

Management are concerned that the team dealing with the 1st line support queue are sending cases to specialist teams when they could “one-and-done” process the Case themselves.

This is causing 2 main issues:

  1. Specialist teams are being swamped with cases (so need to hire more expensive experts)
  2. Client cases are not being responded to in a timely fashion

This customer had no way of tracking how support staff read through a Case (and if they even try to close it, by looking at Knowledge articles). It was suspected there was ‘cherry-picking’ of what cases to handle.

Improved Apps quickly provided this information using our out of the box analytics and Salesforce Dashboards, reducing costs and significantly improving Customer Experience.

Now Free to use through Improved Usage Tracker…Click here to learn more.

“The analytics provides us with real-time data on client case response times and is helping us to make adjustments to improve customer experience”
Improved Apps Customer
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