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Seamless Transition From Classic To Lightning

The Salesforce Lightning user interface is a step-change from Classic that users are familiar with.

Embed field level help, guidance, video and business process information directly into Salesforce pages to provide immediate answers when users need them. This will ease and speed up the transition to a new user interface and increase adoption.

• Move optimistic users to power users
• Decrease the number of reluctant and unwilling users with out of the box analytics
Seamless Transition From Classic To Lightning

Use Case

The migration to Lightning is de-risked and simplified by implementing Improved Apps in your Classic environment. It’s great preparation for your Lightning go-live project and your rich content, in context moves from Classic to Lightning with no additional effort.

Customer Example

Four key areas where Improved Apps has helped clients:

  1. Training users in simple, bite-sized chunks, always to hand,
    embedded in Salesforce with dynamic content and paths to learn more.
  2. Change Management – Communicating, educating at the point of need
    and reminding users of functionality/process changes that affect their
  3. In-app notification (with audit reporting) of policy/regulatory changes,
    which may have an impact on data entry and processes.
  4. Drive continuous improvement utilising the interaction and sentiment
    data, gathered as users go about their day.
“Our main driver for In-App content and just-in-time learning was to migrate one large Salesforce Org, with nearly 2,000 users, into another even more complex Salesforce Org. Improved Apps have not only provided us with a flexible, scalable, enterprise level solution but have partnered with us along the journey to provide an unparalleled level of support and guidance. This native application does so much more than meets the eye, it really does open a world of just-in-time learning for a host of teams across your organisation. It’s not a massive leap of faith to see the potential, or learning for that matter, to realise the value, drive adoption and bring help to users as when they need it.”
Andy Louca, Head of CRM and Business Informatin, Refinitiv
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