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Ensuring Compliance: Auditing Critical Communications & Training

Eliminate Noise from Collaboration Tools and Email: Cut through the clutter and distractions of various communication channels, enabling seamless focus on critical information.

Precisely Target and Publish Notices: Ensure your notices reach the intended recipients and receive read and acknowledgment confirmation.
Ensuring Compliance: Auditing Critical Communications & Training

Use Case

  • Reducing reliance on email for critical business communications.
  • Know if users have read and taken necessary actions in response to important announcements.
  • Foster a culture of accountability by tracking user engagement with critical announcements, enabling better follow-up and action.
  • Requirement to work with Salesforce Classic.

Customer Example

Effective Customer Communication:
Empower agents with real-time, relevant information through Improved Noticeboard, enabling them to deliver accurate and updated details to customers, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and experience.

Clear Visibility of User Engagement:
Easily identify which agents have not read and acknowledged critical information to facilitate appropriate follow-up actions.

Seamless User Experience in Salesforce:
By leveraging Improved Noticeboard, agents can remain within Salesforce, eliminating the need to rely on checking emails for critical updates that may impact customers. This streamlines their workflow and enhances productivity.

“Noticeboard has made announcements a whole lot easier to do”
Karen Cohen – Change Management Business Analyst
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