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Signposting Salesforce Knowledge Articles

Use Case

Business users are trying to find suitable knowledge articles, but searches return far too many options. Too much time is being wasted opening each article and seeing which one is appropriate or the latest version.

Customer Example

This organisation has over 1k+ knowledge articles, covering a wide range of training, business processes and enterprise documentation.

  • No-one in the company could find them when they needed them.
  • Authoring and organising the articles was a headache.
  • Stats were available on article views, but without the context of where people were when they needed/reached one, it was impossible to determine what drove the demand.
  • Long and complex naming conventions required to help people see what the article is about.

With Improved Apps, authoring and sign-posting to relevant information is easy. Users can use Einstein search and wiki style links to surface the right content when they need it. This customer is so impressed by our in-app capability they are now talking to us about moving their whole knowledge base to Improved Apps to save the cost of Salesforce Knowledge.

“I’m very impressed with the tech that’s gone into this solution. I’ve been a Salesforce Dev for over 10 years and I’m impressed with how they got things done. I love how there are components that talk to each other to show related content, the flow works well. Creating content is straight forward, and once you have it there, it’s easy to distribute.”
Matt Whalley – CRM Lead, Zensurance
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