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Data Driven ‘Nudges’ for Action and Compliance

Display a data-driven, in-context nudge when pre-defined criteria are met to ensure process compliance and improve data quality. Works on Salesforce Mobile App and Experience Cloud.
Data Driven ‘Nudges’ for Action and Compliance

Use Case

Reminder to input accurate and relevant data for pipeline reporting

Customer Example

This client needed an in-context reminder to help users keep opportunities up to date.

With our helpful nudge function, if a user moves an opportunity to ‘validating’ or beyond when the fields for total new business, incremental or renewal are blank, they will see a banner to remind them to enter a value.

“Improved Apps is a key element on the roadmap of the larger Sales Enablement and Sales Tools and Processes strategy within Commercial Excellence to enable and empower our sales reps to use Salesforce and Order Capture more effectively. Improved Apps aids sales reps from within Salesforce and Order Capture with tips and reminders, like a built-in coach.”
Thomson Reuters
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