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Control Critical Communications Within Salesforce

Target and publish notices and know that they have been read and acknowledged.
Cut through the noise of collaboration tools and email.
Manage exceptions with ease.

Use Case

  • Push communications via mass emails proved to be distracting and often missed in people’s inboxes.
  • The problem affected both recipients and publishing teams, causing a shift away from Salesforce as the primary application.
  • Publishing teams received no confirmation of receipt, understanding, or feedback to improve communications.
  • User error and non-compliance due to missed or misunderstood messages.
  • High volumes of exceptions, necessitating follow-up actions by central teams.

Customer Example

  • Introducing a managed communications strategy and processes improved message quality and reduced exceptions.
  • Integration of Noticeboard with workflows and approval processes enabled development and control of communications policies.
  • Full lifecycle tracking of notices/personal notifications allowed proactive management of exceptions.
  • Noticeboard is now used for central Salesforce support functions, system updates, sales process improvement and campaign management. Rollout to other teams is in progress.
  • End-users find the app intuitive and integral to Salesforce, requiring no training.
I highly recommend the NoticeBoard app to anyone looking to streamline their communication processes.
Ben Heppenstall (Corporate Communications Specialist)
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