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Accelerated Knowledge Exchange – Empowering Business-Critical Training

Streamline Targeted Critical Alerts.

Precisely Target and Publish Notices: Ensure your notices reach the intended recipients and receive read and acknowledgment confirmation.

Simplify the process of handling exception cases and deviations.
Accelerated Knowledge Exchange - Empowering Business-Critical Training

Use Case

  • In a Call Centre environment, one agent doesn’t understand something critial to business operations. It takes 10 minutes for the manager share their knowledge, (train the agent) to maintain customer experience.
  • When another agent askes the same question…it looks like training is required on this issue.

Customer Example

Improved Noticeboard broadcasts a crititcal alert to all agents with a specific role/profile, giving them the information they need to:

  • Fulfill their job effectively
  • Fill gaps in knowledge
  • Ensure compliance
  • Manage exceptions – list those that have/haven not read and understood the communication
  • Respond quickly (in minutes)
  • Elevate customer experience

There is also a central repository for published notices, accessible via global search.

“Great tools, nothing compares”
Bill Mills, Thomson Reuters
This use case study is available to download

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