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Transforming Community Engagement with Salesforce Experience Cloud

How Improved Help and Noticeboard effectively addressed the challenge of engaging users who only logged into the community a few times a year
transforming community engagement with salesforce tools by improved apps
dmcc benefitting from salesforce experience cloud with improved apps

Improved Apps Transforms Customer DMCC's Community Engagement with Salesforce Experience Cloud

DMCC is a leading customer community for financial services and investment management companies. With a large customer base, DMCC faced the challenge of engaging its users, who only logged into the community a few times a year. Additionally, the company had recently experienced a failed WalkMe™ deployment, which made it even more important to find a reliable solution. Improved Apps provided the ideal solution through Improved Help and Noticeboard, which were seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Experience Cloud.


DMCC needed to find a way to engage its users and keep them informed of important changes in their accounts. With the failure of the WalkMe™ deployment, DMCC had to look for other solutions to help its customers navigate the community pages. The company needed a user-friendly solution that could be easily accessed by all customers, even those who only logged in a few times a year.
improving digital adoption and sales enablement with improved help and improved noticeboard


Improved Apps provided the solution that DMCC was looking for through Improved Help and Noticeboard.

Improved Help was embedded in the community pages, providing users with helpful hints and tips to navigate the platform more efficiently. This feature made it easier for customers to access information without having to go through a lengthy process of searching for answers.

In addition, the Noticeboard feature was used to broadcast vital information to customers regarding their DMCC accounts. This allowed DMCC to notify all community users of important changes and updates in real-time, keeping them informed and engaged.


The implementation of Improved Help and Noticeboard successfully transformed DMCC’s community engagement. The higher end-user engagement was reflected in the successfully rolled-out new features in the community. DMCC’s customers were able to receive vital information through the Noticeboard feature and were able to navigate the community pages more easily with the help of Improved Help.


Improved Apps’ integration with Salesforce Experience Cloud proved to be the ideal solution for DMCC’s community engagement needs. Improved Help and Noticeboard effectively addressed the challenge of engaging users who only logged into the community a few times a year. The implementation of these features led to higher end-user engagement, successful feature rollouts, and efficient communication of vital information. DMCC’s successful implementation of Improved Apps’ solutions highlights the importance of user engagement and effective communication in customer communities.

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