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Providing tools to train teams on Salesforce CPQ

How Improved Apps embedded tools help Qlik design a comprehensive training program that included rich context-aware help and training resources.

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Qlik Technologies uses Improved Help to train their teams on Salesforce CPQ

Qlik Technologies is a global provider of data analytics and business intelligence solutions. They had been using a legacy CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool for several years, but it had become outdated and inflexible. They needed a modern, cloud-based CPQ solution that could provide better flexibility in quoting and a more scalable platform. Improved Apps was engaged to assist in replacing the existing CPQ app and train the global sales teams.


The primary challenge faced by Qlik was to provide effective training to the global sales teams. The existing CPQ tool was dated, and the sales teams had limited experience with modern cloud-based CPQ solutions. Moreover, there were minimal training resources available, and the team needed to roll out the new platform across several regions globally. The project required improved scalability and better alignment of processes.
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Improved Apps embedded tools help Qlik design a comprehensive training program that included rich context-aware help and training resources. The team leveraged Salesforce CPQ’s powerful features to create a simplified quoting process that improved the sales team’s productivity. They also ensured that the platform was scalable, which would allow Qlik Technologies to continue to grow and expand.


The results for Qlik’s training and implementation of Salesforce CPQ were impressive. The sales team was able to create over 100,000 quotes using the new platform, and the new quoting process was much simpler than before. The new platform improved the team’s alignment and increased their productivity.

Qlik’s comprehensive training program also had a significant impact on reducing the number of support requests sent via email. The sales team’s ability to use the platform more efficiently led to a 70% reduction in email-based support requests. Finally, the training program resulted in a 50% reduction in training time, allowing the sales team to be more productive and spend more time selling.


Training and implementation of Salesforce CPQ, supported by Improved Apps was a significant success for Qlik Technologies. The new platform provided improved scalability and flexibility in quoting, resulting in increased productivity and a more streamlined process. The comprehensive training program designed by Improved Apps and Qlik reduced the training time, while also resulting in a significant reduction in email-based support requests. Overall, the project was a testament to Improved Apps expertise in Salesforce CPQ and their ability to implement effective training programs that enable businesses to leverage the full potential of Salesforce technology.

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