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A customer’s approach to zero classroom training

One of the world’s most sustainable logistics businesses, Brambles came to Improved Apps to help them implement zero classroom training in Salesforce throughout their organisation.

Their goal was to drive digital transformation, usage and adoption to make the most of their investment in Salesforce.

Before we dive into the details, here are Brambles’ top 10 tips for achieving that goal:

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“We implemented a zero-classroom training policy which met with resistance from users who were used to classroom training! Our immediate “need to know” pieces of learnings - In-App help learnings - were, critically, supported by a strong change network of respected experts in each department.”

Julie Holloway, Learning and Development Manager at Brambles

In this video, Julie  shares her top tips for successfully implementing a ‘Zero Classroom Training Policy’ with Improved Apps.

The way we learn has changed

Julie was surprised but pleased by how quickly Brambles was able to transform the way they delivered training, education and learning opportunities. She was happy to summarise her findings for us:

Wow! Times have changed quicker in the last 12 months than the previous 5 years put together. Resolving the issues behind the delivery of Training, Education and Learning, ‘the new way’ has forced many businesses to rethink everything.

It is clear we need a different approach. Some businesses are trying to paper over the cracks. However, Improved Apps are helping businesses like yours get closer to a real (crack-free) solution, with a focus on quick, measurable wins.

Resolving the issues behind the delivery of Training, Education and Learning
These challenges can all be overcome with Improved Apps Zero Classroom Training and Learning frameworks, using something we call the ‘User Engagement Layer’ for Salesforce.com
zero classroom training - unearth the challenges of providing skill-level measurement, certification, integration with existing skills, and learning management systems (LMS) and access to DMS (Document Management e.g. SharePoint, Google, Enablement) and CMS (Content Management Systems

Requirements for zero classroom training

Julie listed the functionality she required from this new approach to training. It needed to:

Improved Apps zero training solution

Improved Apps deliver a training solution that addresses all of these requirements and is integrated fully within Salesforce. In-app guides allow a user to select a walk-through tour, entering and leaving the guide without having to complete it (great for top-up purposes). Based on role, skill, language or position in the application, the user will be prompted to access training notes, videos, and other pertinent content.

It’s a very flexible solution, with multi-language functionality, and the ability to load base-level content packages of material for modification by other user types or divisions.

In essence, it’s an approach to learning fit for the challenges of our modern world while still being able to incorporate and complement more traditional training methods.

employee onboarding - Definitions, key concepts, language, processes & procedures delivered at point of need

“Within 30 days 80% of learning is forgotten”

German Psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus identified this in his research that became known as the ‘Forgetting Curve’.  Improved Apps’ approach to learning addresses this problem by allowing users to dip in and out of material as and when they need it, providing training that creates short term interest and long term change.

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