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The next step is to install it in your Sandbox / Dev Org or Production Org. See instructions below.

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improved usage tracker analytics

How to Get Started: 3 Simple Steps

How to Get Started:
3 Simple Steps

Watch this step-by-step video to guide you through the install

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“The power of this tool is in its User tracking capabilities…Note: We are creating Salesforce records for each User interaction, so managing this growing amount of data is very important to our Customers. We have developed simple to use tools within the package, that automate this data management process. See the ‘Help Settings’…Tracking Tab in the app, making User interaction data management easy for you. Optionally, many of our clients extract and then delete this data when integrating it into their chosen BI tool.”

Simon Thompson, CEO | Improved Apps

Or read the 3-step instructions here

improve salesforce user adoption step 1

Install and initialise Improved Help
(Takes approx 5 minutes)

Improved Usage Tracker is an element of our broader Improved Help solution. If you’ve already installed and intialised Improved Help, you can skip this step.

Install Improved Help in a Sandbox/Dev Org first (recommended) on a few pages.

>> Install in Sandbox/Dev Org

Once you’re happy with it,  install and set it up in your Production Org for best results.

>> Install in Production Org

The install can take up to 5 minutes.

In your Salesforce Org, search for the Improved Help for Lightning App. 

Then follow instructions to initialise the app, including setting the ‘Remote Site’


Grant all End-users ‘Helped User’ Permission Set

(Up to 10 minutes)

Review Tracking options in Help Settings. 

(By  default it logs all interactions, all time)

improve salesforce user adoption step 2

Set up Improved Usage Tracker to start tracking Flows, pages and sub-pages

Option 1 | Quick Start | 5 Minutes

Drop the ‘Position Detector’ on your Salesforce Utility Bar.

Go to Salesforce Set-up, ‘App Manager’, Locate the app you wish to track and edit it.

On ‘Utility Items’ add a new ‘Utility Item’…

Find the ‘Position Detector’ custom component in the list of components.

Set the ‘Label’ as ‘-‘, set ‘Panel Width & Height’ both to 1 (So it’s hidden from Users) and finally set ‘Start Automatically’ ticked. Save and your done.

Option 2 | Granular Tracking | 5 Minutes per Page

Go to the page, sub-page or Flow screen you want to track in Salesforce and put it in edit mode.

Find the ‘Position Detector’ custom component in the left hand sidebar. Drag and drop it onto the area of the page where you want to track users.

In the righthand sidebar, do the following:

Complete the Positioning Group field to say what is being tracked (e.g. Case Detail or Case Related Lists). You’ll see this in your Reports & Dashboards.

Ensure Role is set to ‘Help Cue’. This keeps the tracker hidden from users.

Make sure ‘Log Context Interaction’ is ticked.

Save your page.

For Option 2 | Repeat this step for any Apps, Flow screens, pages or sub pages you want to track (up to 5 mins per page). You may have multiple ‘Position Detectors’ on any one page.


Do not do both Option 1 and Option 2, else you will be double counting!

improve salesforce user adoption step 3

Install & run the Improved Usage Tracker Dashboard

Install the Improved Usage Tracker Dashboard from the AppExchange:

>> Install in Sandbox/Dev Org

Once you’re happy with it,  install and set it up in your Production Org for best results.

>> Install in Production Org

The install typically takes less than 1 minute

Once installed. Go to the Dashboards tab in Salesforce and search for Usage Tracker. You’ll start to see engagement straight away.

We recommend scheduling the Dashboard to run weekly, sending it to key stakeholders at a frequency you choose.

Useful notes
  • Customise the Reports and Dashboard – add the data you want to analyse
  • You control what data gets captured
  • Deploy any of these metrics on your existing team performance dashboards
  • All data sits in the Help Interactions custom object within your trusted Org
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Important Information about Improved Usage Tracker

The Improved Usage Tracker uses the Position Detector component, an element of the Improved Help digital adoption solution that is installed. By using Improved Help for the Usage Tracker, you have the right to fully utilise the Position Detector component to benefit from end usage tracking, as described.

Other components within Improved Help cannot be deployed or used in a production environment, but you may test them in a sandbox or development environment. To learn more about  Improved Help and its features, refer to the Help for Improved Help in the Improved Help for Lightning app.

By installing Improved Help, you agree that Improved Apps may schedule a 15-minute webinar to review your usage of Improved Help and the Improved Usage Tracker app. This review will be conducted by running one or two reports, to confirm that only the Position Detector is in use, and to gather any feedback from you, to help us improve our solution for the benefit of all Salesforce Customers.

To make use of additional Improved Help features, reach out to us. We’re here to talk through your needs and provide any further assistance.

Learn more about Digital Adoption Solutions here or visit our Digital Adoption page.

Thank you for your understanding and participation.

GDPR Compliance / Disclaimer

The Improved Usage Tracker may collect and store User interaction data from the User Object (in the Org where you installed Improved Help), for the purpose of improving user experience.

Please be aware that the collection and use of any personal data varies by country and may be subject to local laws and regulations.

By using the Improved Usage Tracker, powered by Improved Help from Improved Apps, you acknowledge and agree to the collection and use of this data in accordance with your own company’s internal policies.

Improved Apps do not have access to Customer Orgs, nor is any data collected or stored by Improved Apps. Improved Apps are not data controllers or processors and are 100% GDPR compliant.

All usage data remains in the Org where Improved Help was installed and is managed and controlled by your own Salesforce System Administrator(s), or to whomever you give permissions, and not by Improved Apps.

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