Improved Apps makes Salesforce adoption soar

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In-app support & training to engage your users

The most secure digital adoption solution for unrivalled Salesforce engagement across your organisation.
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Interactive, self-service support, training & customer-converting content - right in Salesforce to drive adoption

Your Salesforce users will be eager to get into the platform when you add Improved Apps to your Salesforce environment.

As the most secure, 100% native digital adoption solution, Improved Apps delivers unrivalled Salesforce engagement, helping you share knowledge across your entire organisation with ease.

Feedback & sentiment gathering for better Salesforce adoption

Know what’s working and what’s not by allowing users to give support, training and tips the thumbs up or down as they use them. Comments give you insight into exactly what your users need.

Support for Salesforce adoption wherever your users need it

Whether working from home, at the office or out and about, your Salesforce users can get the benefits of Improved Apps support, training and customer-converting tips from any device.

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The content is right where my users need it... I love it!!

Learning Design, Dev and Imp Tech Lead, Tax & Legal (USA)

Salesforce adoption-boosting support: Use cases

Get deeper digital adoption of Salesforce with Improved Apps’ handy, in-app helper.

Super charge your sales team

A sales executive enters data about her deal – triggering Improved Apps to suggest videos and slide decks about the competitor she’s up against. She’s just saved an hour and is now ready to beat the competition.

Onboarding made easy

A new user gets an alert with a task and deadline to learn about the app they just logged into. In-app orientation and guidance follow, immersing them in their new company’s processes and culture. Alerts for new content follow in a helpful cadence. Onboarding time reduces by weeks.

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