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Super charge sales enablement in Salesforce

Drive productivity and performance on the platform your people know.

Super charge sales enablement in Salesforce

Improved Apps - the only Salesforce security reviewed digital adoption partner


Powerful sales enablement that sits right inside your Salesforce Sales Cloud app, helping every salesperson do their best work.

Reduction in content authoring costs
Reduction in time sales spend searching for content

Give your sales teams the tools for success

Keep your sales reps in the flow of the sales process
You want sales to move fast – but that means your salespeople need the skills and content to create and close deals at their fingertips. Improved Apps does exactly that, letting you embed chunks of content (such as insights into the customer’s market or pain points), coaching and training inside your Salesforce. Your sales reps are then ready to tackle tough questions immediately and with credibility, while painting a picture of a problem-free future thanks to the product or service you provide.
sales enablement Give your sales teams the tools for success

"Improved Apps is a key element on the roadmap of the larger Sales Enablement and Sales Tools and Processes strategy within Commercial Excellence to enable and empower our sales reps to use Salesforce and Order Capture more effectively. Improved Apps aids sales reps from within Salesforce and Order Capture with tips and reminders, like a built-in coach."

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Drive revenue by enabling sales anytime, anywhere

Support your hybrid workforce to do their best work when and where it works for them
As businesses shift to hybrid working, savvy sales enablement will adapt sales processes and traditional training methods to work for a more mobile workforce. Improved Apps removes the need for classroom learning or on-site access to resources, serving up just-in-time training and content on any device, including Salesforce Mobile App and Experience Cloud. Meanwhile, Improved Apps’ support for multi-lingual deployments removes any language barriers.

Give your sales teams confidence in your content

Improved Apps makes your sales enablement content easy to find and easy to update so your sales teams can sell better.

With in-app training refresher programs and page and field-level help so your salespeople know what to enter on prospect records (from opportunity naming convention to ACV figure), Improved Apps increases data quality by 50%. Which means no more guessing how a lead has moved from Open Deal to Closed Won.

Best Practice Templates

Insights & Analytics

In-app Prompts and Walkthroughs

No matter where you store your content (LMS/DMS, YouTube, Vimeo, Sharepoint, My Trailhead, Salesforce Knowledge, maybe not under the bed!), Improved Apps can signpost your users to it exactly when and where they need it from within the Salesforce pages they already use.

Increase the ROI of your Salesforce investment

Use Improved Apps for Salesforce to measure and grow the value you get from the platform

Take advantage of features to embed your best practice content, Sales process, hints & tips right where it’s needed. Providing you insights and analytics, in-app prompts and walkthroughs to help you deliver more nuanced coaching, hit sales targets, and see ROI soar.

Super charge sales enablement in Salesforce

The Ultimate Sales Enablement Guide

Improved Apps Whitepaper

sales enablement Improve data quality for a smooth sales process

Improve data quality for a smooth sales process

Field level help encourages accurate data entry

With in-app training refresher programs and page and field-level help to educate your salespeople on the information to enter on each record (from opportunity naming convention to compelling event help), Improved Apps increases data quality by 50%. Another method to help you understand how a lead has moved from open deal to closed won.

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Put go-to-market strategies into action

Close deals with competitor analysis and key message marketing materials in the right place at the right time

As you evolve your go-to-market strategy, use Improved Apps’ tools to serve up analysis of the competition, and how to beat them, at point of need within an Opportunity record. Add signposts to marketing materials with the key messages that best position your offer, and see the productivity of your sales team skyrocket. Streamline the process with out-of-the-box dashboards for continuous monitoring and improvement.
Put go-to-market strategies into action

Streamline your processes for productivity wins

In-app training and guidance help onboard and upskill your sales teams fast, but there’s so much more they need to be as efficient, informed and effective as possible. Improved Apps lets you convert this wide ranging, comprehensive information into bite-sized chunks and place it where your sales reps can find it with just one click in Salesforce, whatever context they’re operating in – from competition, vertical or product to sale step, regulatory market or customer.

Product/Portfolio Management

Solution collateral

Demonstration environments

Business case / ROI instruments

RFP / bid management process and documents



Knowledge portals

Guides and playbooks

Market / vertical campaigns

Demand generation insights & material

Corporate messaging / presentations / pitches

Human Resources/Training


Proposition/tools training

Skills and professional development


Sales process

Sales methodology

Customer referral programs

Account, opportunity and forecasting management

Coaching – manager and top-selling peer knowledge

You can offer your silver bullet snippet of information, a longer piece of text, a video, a pdf or a guide. It’s information at the point of need, for every situation. The benefit is your salespeople don’t have to remember everything – just how to click on a question mark!

Super charge sales enablement in Salesforce

Whitepaper: Sales Enablement Ultimate Guide

Sales enablement isn’t just about employee onboarding, training, or content. When done well, it encompasses all those elements and more. Add Salesforce to the mix and it will drive revenue, reduce churn, and show you the ROI you want.

How many times have you witnessed users struggling to complete their Salesforce tasks or the Support team answering the same questions over and over again?

Guide: 6 Steps to Successful Just-In-Time Learning in Salesforce

How many times have you witnessed users struggling to complete their Salesforce tasks or the Support team answering the same questions over and over again?

How to Deliver Salesforce Training that Sticks

Guide: How to Deliver Salesforce Training that Sticks

Training isn’t stuck in the classroom anymore, but we’re still struggling to train our users in business-critical CRM processes – over 60% of such projects fail to reach a tipping point of adoption. In this guide, we explore the tools and strategies to make your Salesforce training stick.

sales enablement and digital adoption with improved apps

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