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Sharing knowledge for shared success

Feel free to download any of these resources to help you harness the full potential of your Salesforce environment and maximise your return on investment


White papers, articles, videos… full of insights, facts and figures, use cases, hints and tips – authored by our own Salesforce experts, to ensure you get the most out of Salesforce

Delivering Zero Classroom Training

In this white paper:

  • Learn how a customer implemented a ‘Zero Classroom Training Policy’ using the Salesforce platform’ and Improved Apps
  • TOP 10 tips for driving digital transformation, usage and adoption in the current climate
  • Typical Customer key issues and requirements

User Engagement Playbook

This playbook is a result of collaboration with Improved Apps, Customers and Salesforce Success Managers, covering:

  • successful adoption tactics from 100’s of successful Salesforce and Improved Apps deployments.
  • 5 key plays to help you focus
  • Links to many very useful resources

Moving to Lightning or need to improve your Lightning rollout?

In this article:

  • How to training users in simple, bite-sized chunks
  • Create learning paths to take users on a journey
  • Improving your change management process
  • Communicating change, engaging users and driving continuous improvement

Improved Change Management

In this overview:

  • Change is the only constant but even change is changing
  • How do you manage change in a cloud-based world?
  • Embedding tools in the process so that users can reap the rewards of change
  • Ensuring adoption for maximum returns and minimum risk

Get The Most Out Of Salesforce Now!

In this recorded webinar discover how Salesforce customers can maximise their ROI by overcoming two key challenges:

  • time wasted searching for critical information
  • how to manage change in an ever-changing world

Continuous Improvement to Evolve Your Sales Force

In this article:

Learn how the philosophy of ‘kaizen’ or ‘continuous improvement’ can make a difference to the performance and competitiveness of your organisation

  • Businesses do not stand still and neither should the systems they employ
  • Perfect is the enemy of good
  • Create an environment that enables the organisation and its sales force to continuously improve
  • Adapt to survive!

Sales Enablement in a Salesforce world

In this article:

  • What is ‘Sales Enablement’?
  • What you need to provide sales people in order for them to have ‘valuable conversations
  • How content is part of the answer but only if that content is relevant and readily accessible
  • How to cope with a constantly shifting landscape and provide knowledge at the point of need

‘Effective Communication’ – Counting the Costs of Communications Breakdown

In this white paper:

  • Are we effective communicators?
  • The consequences of poor communication
  • Components of communication
  • The Seven ‘C’s of communication
  • Communication received and understood

Realising the benefits of CRM

In this white paper:

  • CRM – Why you invested in the first place
  • Why only 1 in 5 Enterprises see a rise in revenue as a result of implementing CRM
  • The cure for poor adoption
  • How your organisation can get the benefits promised by Salesforce

7 Ways Sales Leaders Can Get The Most Out Of Salesforce

In this white paper:

  • What lies behind the results that your employees achieve
  • The problem of how to share Sales Exemplar behaviour
  • What Sales Leaders can do to get the best from their teams
  • How sales tools can help

The Help Journey – Counting the costs of searching

In this white paper:

  • Empowering users with targeted knowledge
  • Why traditional information retrieval models are insufficien
  • The cost of searching
  • Finding the ideal ‘help journey’
  • The positive impact of placing help in the heart of the application