We provide notification and training tools that integrate seamlessly into your Salesforce

Save time, reduce costs, increase efficiency

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Improved Apps is a team of Salesforce innovators, dedicated to enhancing your Salesforce system.

Improved Apps has created the missing link between how people use Salesforce today and how they will use it in the future. We provide the missing layer to help businesses make the shift to streamlined digital learning.

Simplify onboarding

Drive adoption

Keep data clean

Streamline processes

Our two flagship Apps, Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard, integrate seamlessly into your Salesforce deployment, regardless of which version you are running.

Improved Help

Improved Help adds the functionality to embed help and guidance content throughout the Salesforce platform. This gives you the power to place best practice examples, competitor analysis, key business-critical information and so much more, directly in-front of your users.

Improved Noticeboard

Improved NoticeBoard provides a notification panel or banner directly within a users’ Salesforce pages, ensuring your communications are not missed. Easily alert users to business-critical information they must act on and acknowledge e.g account updates, compliance procedures and so much more. Manage your critical communications and compliance directly within Salesforce, avoiding email & chat channel ‘noise’.

Why Improved Apps?

We are committed to our customers. We offer as little or as much support as you need on your journey of success – we’re here to guide you through the buying process, initial deployment, as well as the ongoing utilisation of the apps.

Drive Adoption

Increased usability drives adoption, making it easier for businesses to support more use cases and ensure their projects are successful.

Improve Consistency

We provide a consistent way for users to access relevant help & information.

Improve Data Quality

Field-level help guides a user on what to input and why it’s important.

Clarify Processes

Improved Apps help customers document what counts, with no dev skills required. Our easy to use tool lets you monitor what’s working and what’s not.

Reduce Change Fatigue

Stop sending overly broad guidance on process changes, make it personal, relevant and easy to understand.

Reduce Support Workload

Helping users at their point of need ensures they don’t have to waste time asking for help

Advanced Reporting

Improved Apps provides reporting dashboards to monitor content usage and consumption.

Easy to Manage

Making Improved Apps a part of your change management process speeds up deployment, without wearing out end users.

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