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In-app Salesforce Training

Learn without leaving the platform
Improved Apps’ in-platform solution gives your employees the Salesforce training & guidance where they need it, when they need it.
salesforce in-app training

Interactive, self-service support and training - right in Salesforce

Train your Salesforce users up while they’re in the platform with contextual tips, how-to information and interactive, step-by-step guides. Give your support team a break and let Improved Apps’ intuitive in-app help answer those common questions. See productivity soar!

Tailor your training to work from anywhere

Whether working from home, at the office or out and about, your Salesforce users can get the benefits of Improved Apps support and training from any device.

Organisations we've helped

“One hell of a no-brainer! For anyone who wrestles with sales-process enablement and good old fashion sales support, this tool is an absolute must…a phenomenal tool, easy to roll out, child’s play to maintain, we couldn’t function without it…. a great company to work with, too.”

Simon McAllister, Global SVP Operations, Qlik

How many times have you witnessed users struggling to complete their Salesforce tasks or the Support team answering the same questions over and over again?

6 Steps to Successful Just-In-Time Learning In Salesforce

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Budget-boosting benefits

Our customers are already reaping the ROI of online, in-app Salesforce training.

Read the rewards

The largest publisher in the United States with 3,700 users had an ROI study that showed Improved Apps would save them £2m per year in training and support costs alone and see a payback within a couple of months.

Cut traditional training

A customer of Improved Apps since March 2013, Qlik has seen a 70% reduction in email-based support requests and a 50% reduction in training.

Why your Salesforce users will love it

Why you will love it

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