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Improved Usage Tracker For Salesforce

Finally. Get real-time insights & analytics on how your users engage with Salesforce.

Install today: Free Forever

Start your digital adoption journey. Understand what users do in Salesforce day to day.

Think Google Analytics for Salesforce. All the usage data sits within your trusted Org. You have full control over all data capture and we provide you with easy maintenance tools.


A FREE app that makes it easy to track how your Salesforce users are engaging with your apps.


Install Improved Usage Tracker into any Salesforce Org. Monitor usage by role, profile, location, department or user via the dashboard.


Find out fast how your people use Salesforce. Identify the potential for efficiencies and boost productivity for greater Salesforce ROI.

Great app to measure report and dashboard usage
Our company has more than 7,000 salesforce users and in totality more than 6,000 public reports and more than 200 unique dashboards. We’ve recently started the journey of trying to dramatically simplify and reduce those reports/dashboards to exclusively focus on what’s most important. We searched for months to find a tool that would help us understand what needed to stay and what needed to go based on current usage/adoption and found nothing! Then when we discovered this app and followed the awesome vimeo tutorials on how to install and setup as well as achieve our use case, within an hour we were rolling in our dev box and ready to move onto QA! Highly recommend this app!”
“This is a very useful app that surfaces interesting and insightful stats including which pages are the most accessed, which times of the day and days of the week are the busiest, and much more. It also surfaces your most (and least) engaged users. It’s simple to use and comes with a useful pre-built dashboard which answers questions you didn’t know you had. Well done to Improved Apps for building the Usage Tracker and for making it available.”
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“The Improved Usage Tracker has received fantastic feedback from hundreds of early adopters. We are thrilled to have made a significant impact by helping our customers better understand their Salesforce usage and adoption. We have seen some interesting use cases, including the ability to determine the quietest hours of the day for pushing out significant changes, as well as gaining insights into how users are engaging with Experience Cloud deployments.”

Out-of-the-Box Dashboard

Track every interaction on every page and sub-page for every user.

  • Visualise Salesforce adoption profiles
  • Add any metrics to your existing dashboards
  • Chatter and Slack integration
  • No browser extensions
  • Fully customisable

Identify User activity hour by hour

usage tracker dashboard Identify super users and those who need help

Track usage by Role, Profile, Location and Department

usage tracker dashboard Track usage by Role, Profile, Location and Department

Pinpoint popular pages and sub pages

usage tracker dashboard Pinpoint popular pages and sub pages

Spot quiet times for upgrades or maintenance

usage tracker dashboard Spot quiet times for upgrades or maintenance
Sales Cloud Use Case

Sales Cloud Use Case

Identify who has been viewing individual Opportunities to improve data quality and revenue reporting.

Service Cloud Use Case

See who has been looking at individual Cases to reduce cherry picking and improve customer experience.

Effective and easy to use

“This simple-to-use app was quick to install, configure and start using. We love the fact we can target specific users or groups of users and manage exceptions with such ease now. Gives us agility and scale”

Matt Whalley, Zensurance

“More than any other AppExchange app, Improved Apps tech can truly progress customer adoption at scale”

Simon Macklin, Salesforce


“Another great example of AppExchange partner innovation. Thanks Improved Apps for sharing so much innovation with the Salesforce Trailblazer community”

Woodson Martin, EVP and GM, AppExchange at Salesforce


Get started in 3 easy steps

improve salesforce user adoption step 1


Quick install into any Salesforce Org

improve salesforce user adoption step 2


Drag and drop detection zones onto any of your pages

improve salesforce user adoption step 3

Reports & Dashboard

Real-time usage data gathers in the background to analyse user engagement

Schedule a call with us in 2 weeks’ time to understand your data and  get the most out of this tool.

Do more with the data

The Improved Usage Tracker gives you insights, data and dashboards to show you exactly how your users are engaging with Salesforce.

Now, boost sales enablement and transform your organisation with the digital adoption solution staff love.

Discover the key features of Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard:

Help businesses surface critical information at the point of need, on any device.

Make sure critical communications are not missed, with full audit and tracking metrics. 

We’d love your feedback… What prompted your interest in the Improved Usage Tracker?

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