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You probably know what Improved Usage Tracker is if you’re looking at this page, however if not, you can learn more here. Think Google analytics for Salesforce.

As more and more people start to realise the benefits of Usage Tracker, we’ve compiled a really useful list of the most common FAQ’s in this page…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ Contents

It’s really simple, just follow EVERY step of the instructions…You should be up and running in less than 20 minutes…The three simple steps are explained here…

  1. Usage Tracker is powered by Improved Help, so you must install Improved Help first and follow the post install instructions to set a couple of things up. This gives you access to the required component in step 2.
  2. Usage Tracker uses the ‘Position Detector’ component from Improved Help solution to capture usage data from pages and subpages around your Org where you drop it on any things you wish to track. This component is FREE to use for Improved Usage Tracker for 2 months.
  3. Once Improved Help is installed you will be able to install the Usage Tracker package, which will install a single Dashboard and its underlying reports. There is no code in this package.

Follow our simple 3-step instructions here or

Watch this step-by-step video here to guide you through the install.

Yes. Standard Salesforce does not track which Dashboards are being used by whom. Usage Tracker is a way to track Dashboard views by role or anything else from the User object 

Watch this video to see how.

“Our company has more than 7,000 Salesforce users and more than 6,000 public reports and more than 200 unique dashboards.

We searched for months to find a tool that would help us understand what needed to stay and what needed to go based on current usage/adoption and found nothing!

Then when we discovered this app and followed the awesome Vimeo tutorials on how to install and setup as well as achieve our use case, within an hour we were rolling in our dev box and ready to move onto QA! Highly recommend this app!”

Adam Schwallie

We get asked this question a lot…we responded to your feedback on how to increase user adoption. Essentially it’s because we believe achieving greater user engagement and adoption is a journey, and it starts with visibility of good data and identifying where your biggest challenges are. We simply wanted to create a high value free app that is accessible to every Salesforce Customer. Early adopters told us that in most cases they got the value in the first 2 months. So that’s why it is free for the first 2 months for all users in any Org.

Impoved Usage Tracker is a Freemium model…What is Freemium?

The freemium model offers a basic version of Improved Usage Tracker for free, providing customers with all features at no cost. This allows potential customers to experience the value of our app without any initial financial commitment.

How It Works

  • Free Tier: Access core features to understand the app’s functionality and benefits.
  • Premium Upgrades: Unlock for unlimited usage.

The free trial offers unlimited usage for 60 days. Afterward, the free version is available for organizations with less than 200k user interactions per month. For organizations exceeding this limit, we offer a fixed price for all users.

Yes, for customers exceeding 200k user interactions monthly, unlimited usage is available at just £348 GBP per annum (equivalent of £29 GBP a month) or $444 per annum (equivalent of $37 USD a month).

Minimum 12-month contract with upfront annual payment.


Data resides in your trusted Salesforce Org. No data leaves your Org, and Improved Apps do not have access to Customer Orgs or data, unless granted by the Customer on rare occasions for support purposes. 

Each user interaction logged creates a single Salesforce record (2kb of space) in a Custom Object called ‘Help Interactions’, so these will build up over time.  We provide maintenance tools in the app to help you manage your data.  By default it keeps collecting the data and builds up records in this Object. Optionally: You can visit the app ‘Improved Help for Lightning’ and go to ‘Help Settings’…’Tracking’ tab and set how many days worth of data you wish to keep.  Setting this at say 180 days (and hitting the ‘Schedule button’), will delete all records over 180 days old and it’s a scheduled job that runs daily to delete records older than the number of days you set.  

Alternatively customers are extracting ‘Help Interaction’ records into their chosen BI tool and deleting them once extracted. The benefit of this approach is to utilise enhanced data visualisation features, beyond the standard reports and dashboard we package.

Yes, another popular use case.  You can track Knowledge Article page views by role or anything else from the User Object.  The benefit from these insights is that you will only need to update articles that are being accessed frequently.  You could also use our Help Tool to signpost users to popular articles within your Org to stop time wasted searching for them.

Yes. And this is a very popular use case. There is no other easy way to find out how users are interacting with various screens in a Salesforce Flow over time.  Track flow screen views by role or any other element of the User Object. Identify bottlenecks, redundant flow elements and target areas for improvement. Improve user experience and create efficiencies.

Watch this ‘How To’ Video to learn more.

Yes, we recommend installing in a Sandbox first. Once you’re happy with it, install and set it up in your Production Org for the best results.

It may be that you have accidentally put two (or more) Position Detectors on the same page or sub page.One deployment option , for a quick win, we suggest deploying the position detector component on the Utility Bar.  This will start to capture all high level usage data.

For more granular tracking you can deploy it on pages, sub-pages or Flow screens by example. However, don’t do both as you will be double counting.  Some Customers who have benefited from having it deployed in both ways, will use a simple Salesforce Flow screen to delete these duplicate records.

Possible reasons include:

  1. You do not have both packages installed.
  2. You have reached the number of dashboards allowed in your Org.
  3. You have exceeded the storage limits in your Org.
  4. Your users do not have the right permission set or equivalent rights on their Salesforce Profiles (e.g. ‘Helped User’).
  5. Help Settings have not been initialised.

If you need some help diagnosing the problem, contact support@improvedapps.com

Hell yeah, please go here, it only takes a couple of minutes. Log in with your Salesforce login.

We really appreciate positive reviews, and it helps other people see the value. Thank you!

Yes indeed, please use this form to book a suitable 30 minute slot with one of our Digital Adoption experts, you may even get time with our CEO!…and they promise not to sell to you during this session.

No, not at this time, however all is not lost, with Improved Help, we can track any content that has been assigned to fields and track user engagement with that.

Yes. We recommend using any Business Intelligence (BI) data visualisation tool, for example Tableau, PowerBI or Business Objects. Simply point one of these tools at each Orgs’ ‘Help Interaction’ Object and your done.

Yes. It’s the same process…Just drop the ‘Position Detector’ on your Experience Cloud pages, sub pages or Flow screens. You should consider a good naming convention each time you use the ‘Position Detector’, so you can differentiate the data between user communities.

Yes. Usage Tracker creates very well structured usage data, which is fantastic for data modelling.

Yes. each interaction record is 2kb…So some simple maths like…How many users multiplied by how many page hits per day, multiplied by how many days will give you a number. Don’t worry about this data building up as we provide tools (See ‘Help Settings’…’Tracking’ tab) to help you manage it. For example you can tell the system to only keep a rolling 180 days worth of this data and a scheduled Apex class will run once per day, deleting any records older than the number of days you set (days you wish to keep).


Yes. You have full control of your data and for certain countries for example you may choose to anonymise the data as it gets captured.

Get real-time insights & analytics on how your users engage with Salesforce

If you need any further help, please reach out to support@improvedapps.com. Our expert team is on stand-by to get you up and running.  Or…

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