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improved noticeboard installation guide for salesforce users

Welcome to your free trial of Improved Noticeboard – the in-app tool that gives you control over your critical communications in Salesforce.

Follow the simple instructions below to install and start publishing and tracking your notices.

Make the most of your FREE TRIAL: 30 days for up to 50 users

Put an end to missing important messages in email and collaboration tools.

Get started now! In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be publishing your first messages.

Install the latest release of Improved Noticeboard into your Salesforce org.

Log-in to the destination Salesforce org as a System Administrator and choose Production/Dev Org or Sandbox:

Click the link to check that the installation is as expected.

When prompted, choose your installation security option:

  • Install for Admins Only: Controlled roll-out (especially in Production Orgs)
  • Install for all Users: For product evaluation (typically in Sandbox or Development Orgs)

Contact us if you’re unsure which option to choose.

Assign User permissions for Notice Publishers and Recipients.

User permissions determine who can do what within the Improved Noticeboard application. Three standard Permission Sets are included:


Receive personal Notifications related to specific Notices – displayed in a Noticeboard Banner as their primary access point to the application

Notice Owners

Manage specific Notices and monitor selected Recipients’ interactions with their Notifications

Noticeboard Owners

Manage a publishing team’s Noticeboard and control policy and process for associated Notices

Go to the 'Improved Noticeboard for Lightning' App.

On the 'Welome' Tab, click the 'Sample Content' button. This will create a series of example Notices, which will apear in the example banner on the left.

Then you can use the Banner Type, Banner Size and Notification Viewing controls to play with the various banner types and end user experience options all within this Welcome page.

Have a good play.

This will help you decide on which components you would like to deploy in your Org. (The next section covers deployment of your chosen components).


Add Improved Noticeboard components to your Salesforce User experiences.

Add Noticeboard Banner component(s) to Lightning pages and/or Utility Bar

Improved Noticeboard comes with a growing set of Lightning Components that give you the flexibility to present Notifications to your Users where they need them most – right in their Salesforce pages.

Get in touch for guidance on options to suit specific situations and use cases.

Improved Noticeboard Documentation

To review the full documentation, including information on specific component setup, go to the ‘Improved Noticeboard for Lightning‘ App. ‘Welcome’ tab and click on the ‘Documentation‘ sub tab.


Allocate Improved NoticeBoard Licences to Named-Users

Allocate Improved Noticeboard Licences to Named-Users.

Improved Noticeboard comes with Named User licensing. When deploying to a production Org, licences need to be allocated to all Users – Recipients and Notice Publishers – using the Manage Licences feature within the Salesforce Org Setup: search for ‘Installed Packages’.

Control critical communications with Improved Noticeboard

Create a test Noticeboard record to contain your first, (test) Notice.

Every Notice is published onto a specific Noticeboard, owned by a publishing team (or individual).

Noticeboards are very simple container records that let you set policy settings inherited by related Notices and optional theme logos.

We recommend starting with a ‘Training’ or ‘Salesforce Updates’ Noticeboard within which you can create Notices to introduce the Banner and the personalised Notification records (that will be triggered by the Notices each Recipient User sees).

Create and Publish a test Notice to confirm Noticeboard setup.

A simple alert Notice needs only a parent Noticeboard, Signatory, Title and one or more Selected Recipient(s) before it can be published. More detailed Notices can add Summary and/or Detail content beneath the title headline and Notice management options can be added as Notice Owner confidence grows.

We recommend that Notice Authors:

Prepare a Launch Notice

Start with a simple alert Notice to make Recipients aware of their new Noticeboard Banner and how they can interact with it.

View Notices through the eyes of a Recipient

It can be good practice to test Notice content by sending one to just yourself. Once you are happy with it from a Recipient’s perspective, clone the Notice and send it to its intended audience of selected Recipients.

Test the Launch Notice

Test by targeting fellow Notice Owners or a small test group of Recipients.

Include Notice Authors as Notice Recipients

To confirm publication, especially when testing any optional process automation.

That’s it...

You should now be ready to go live with Improved Noticeboard!

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