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Quickly Embed your Help and Training within Salesforce

Revolutionise User Training, designed specifically for Small Organisations and Not for Profits (NFP’s) with Help ‘Lite’

Are you a Salesforce Admin juggling multiple responsibilities, including training users, handling support calls, and driving user adoption?

You’re in constant demand. The repetitive nature of answering identical questions and delivering training experiences that quickly get forgotten, can be overwhelming, time consuming, and tiring, especially in smaller organisations where wearing multiple hats is the norm. We get this and help is at hand…


Transform your existing training content, (PowerPoints & PDFs), into engaging, dynamic and accessible help topics within Salesforce pages and Flow screens.


We help embed your training content into the ‘Utility bar’ within your Org. Offering very dynamic, contextual help at the point of your users’ need. Our Wiki-style links, native integration with Einstein (AI) global search, means users can find the right answers and information in seconds.


Fewer support calls

Onboard new users quicker

Drive user adoption

Reduce training time and cost

Reduce process & data errors

Improved Apps - the only Salesforce security reviewed digital adoption partner


salesforce training
sales enablement and digital adoption with improved apps

Great help in increasing end user knowledge and adoption! With all of our, ‘how-to’ guides and information on pricing calculators, best practices etc. kept right in Salesforce, it has greatly increased our end user’s productivity and engagement with Salesforce. We have received positive feedback from our end users stating that they no longer have to hunt around all the different locations where we used to keep important documents, saving them time and encouraging them to always follow the most up to date best practices. ”

Tayler McCracken, Salesforce Admin, KTSL

no more time wasting in salesforce

Lift your Salesforce training content out of shared drives

Give your users up-to-date support content when and where they need it

Let us help you by transforming your existing training content, currently buried in PowerPoints, PDFs, and shared drives, into dynamic, accessible help topics within Salesforce screens.

Empower your users with instant access to relevant information right from the utility bar.

No more excuses that they didn’t know what they should know.

Tailored for Small Organisations and NFP's

Increase user adoption by giving all your users support wherever they are

We specialise in understanding the unique needs of smaller organisations. Our service is designed to fit your budget while maximising the impact of your training efforts.

Say goodbye to expensive, one-size-fits-all solutions!

We work with you on a proven walk, jog, run approach to helping you get started.

salesforce tools for training teams by improved apps

Help Content - Direct from the Utility Bar, with Wiki-Links

Salesforce help and training at the point of need

We embed your training content into Salesforce screens, making it easily accessible to users whenever they need it.

The Utility bar ‘In-app Help’ can be clicked by a user anytime and we serve up your content in a very dynamic, contextual way, depending on where they are in the app or what they are trying to do at that time.

Our Wiki-style links ensure intuitive navigation between content, and all content is integrated with Einstein (AI) global search, so users can find answers and information in seconds.

Plus we are monitoring every click by the user, so you know what users are actually doing and what content is most useful to them.

“I was first drawn to the app for its tech and capabilities to integrate straight into my org. What Improved Apps provides ticked all my boxes. However, what has made this purchase so successful (and would have me recommending to anyone else) would be the incredible customer experience I have received. Not only are the team prompt and available to you for demos and questions but they also provide training and ongoing support to you for a successful set up.”

Nicola Swavley, Salesforce Admin, The Bike Project

“Working with Improved Apps has been a great success. As a non-profit organisation, we need tools like Improved Apps to help us run the business in a more efficient and cost-effective way and so far the expertise and support provided have been really useful. Thanks IA!”

Ermal Cela, Head of IT and Digital, UK Active

“If you are reviewing Improved Apps’ solutions stop deliberating and just get it. You know your problems, and you already know this seems like the right solution. IT IS. SUBSCRIBE. Info at the point of need has enabled our onboarding team to point people to Improved Help as your first place to look for answers as opposed to taking the precious time of your senior people.”

Anthony Johnson, Director of Support Operations, Sage Intacct

usage tracker dashboard Pinpoint popular pages and sub pages

See Your Most Popular Training Content

Monitor end user content use, engagement and sentiment

You’ll also get access to our Free Usage Tracker tool, so you will be able to see which pages or sub-pages people are using most.

If you use Salesforce Flows, we can help you track user engagement along any Flow launched.

On top of this, you’ll see what content is helping users the most, and where they are accessing it from, meaning you only need to maintain content that is being viewed and is adding value.

Content Pack - Tailored To Your Requirements using Integrated ChatGTP

Making it easy to author and maintain any content

We’ll transform your existing training materials…It doesn’t have to be pretty or up to date, as we’ll help get it all sorted out.

Don’t have any content yet? Share your requirements with us, and leveraging our integrated ChatGPT, we’ll do the heavy lifting, then you can review, and once you’re happy we can help equip your users with the necessary guidance to excel in their roles.

This will ensure compliance, and help your users’ use Salesforce precisely as you envision.

Focus on what you do best!

We’ll take care of the entire process!

From content analysis to embedding, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

You focus on what you do best, while we enhance your training strategy.

One less plate to spin! Bliss.

With 'Lite' Pricing​

The quickest and easiest way for anyone to get started, plus we train you up and help get your first bit of content imported in.

With 'Lite' Pricing

The quickest and easiest way for anyone to get started, plus we train you up and help get your first bit of content imported in.


(for up to 80 end users)

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