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Three Ways to Cut Costs & Improve Salesforce ROI Today

“How are we doing this week?”

The question you’re dreading. The question you know is coming.

When you’ve got seconds to demonstrate progress on sales and customer support goals, show the ROI of your Salesforce investment and latest cost-cutting initiatives to senior managers, you’d better have your numbers ready — neatly packaged, accurate, and up to date.

These days, it’s not just about keeping the project alive. It’s often your job on the line, too.

The task sounds simple. Get the work done. Get results. Spend less. The execution — not so much.

Here are three ways you can use Salesforce and digital adoption tools to cut sales and customer support costs in the short term — with data to prove it (and without compromising the quality of the output).

Reduce the number of customer support cases logged

Anyone in a customer facing business knows the value of every minute spent on support calls, the cost of unhappy customers, complaints, and a rise in support requests logged. It can take twelve positive touchpoints for an upset client to feel positive about a brand again. That’s a very expensive problem to be facing, particularly in times of challenging market conditions.

One of our clients, a large international bank, set up a self-serve portal for their business customers. The idea was simple: one place for people to ask questions and log issues, such as problems signing in, changes to account details, request for help with a transaction, and so on.

It didn’t work.

Customers found the entire user experience counter-intuitive. Presented with a complex choice of options they didn’t understand, they ended up logging information incorrectly. Cases went to the wrong departments and took a long time to reassign.

There was confusion, significant delays in response time and, worst of all, unhappy customers. Needless to say, the bank’s leadership demanded an effective solution ASAP.

They decided to embed bite-sized information and guidance at every step of the user flow. If there was a data field to be filled in, the customer could click on a question mark next to it and view a brief note that said what was required and why (without having to deal with annoying pop-ups or go through lengthy help documentation). If faced with a multiple choice question, they could see a short explanation of the options presented.

Access in-context, in-app support from any device

In many instances, this removed the need to log a case at all. And if a customer did need additional support from staff, enough information had been captured for the bank’s employee to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

This translated into immediate cost savings:

Crucially, Salesforce admins didn’t have to wait to see the impact of these improvements. With ready-made dashboards of content usage statistics and app usage data (everything from what people click most to where they get stuck or abandon the process entirely), admins could assess the efficiency of the in-app guidance from day one.

In many organisations, sales operations (working at an average day rate of £230) spend as much as 60% of their day answering repetitive “how to” calls. In an organisation of 400 Salesforce users, that adds up fast, to an average of £69,552 lost on inefficient processes alone. With in-app guidance and micro-content in place, we’ve seen those request calls fall by 50% to 70% saving the business £41,731 to £48,686 a year.

What you can do today:

With this approach, you’ll soon see not only cost savings in customer service operations but higher ROI on your existing Salesforce accounts and experience cloud deployment.

Double down on top training & sales enablement content. Cut the rest.

You know the good old 80-20 rule (20% of effort generates 80% of results). It’s time to apply it to your sales enablement content creation.

Brambles, a global logistics company, wanted to boost Salesforce adoption within their global user base. They understood the high cost of poor CRM usage, from incomplete data and inaccurate sales forecasts to difficulty identifying what type of content produces the best results and why.

Their chosen solution was simple yet powerful.

Brambles implemented Improved Help to embed field-level content and searchable help index within Salesforce. That included need-to-know information and just-in-time learning content (which employees could comment on and bookmark for future reference). They also used Improved Noticeboard to alert staff of must-have training and require a confirmation of completion, all within the Salesforce app.

Not only did this strategy help Brambles overcome initial staff resistance to change, but they also

“We have been able to eliminate overhead costs and deliver a great user experience, with the learning required readily available on demand.”

Ben Murphy, VP of Global Sales Enablement, Brambles

On average, our clients see a 30% reduction in content authoring time and 50% reduction in time spent maintaining and updating content. For an organisation with 400 active sales reps in Salesforce and a 20% annual turnover of Salesforce users that spends £42,840 on creating and updating help content (280 days at £153 per day) that means nearly 40% (£15,300) in annual cost savings.

But here’s the crucial bit: to achieve this, you need more than content usage statistics.

Knowing which bits of content are the most popular; how many times a help topic has been clicked on; whether it was just viewed or read, and when is important and useful. But it still leaves room for misinterpretation.

To achieve the results you want, you also need to understand the user’s context:

You can stop guessing why one piece of training or sales enablement works and another doesn’t. As well as significant cost savings in content creation and optimisation, this strategy optimises your sales cycles. Reps need to respond to various questions on demo and sales calls. If they don’t have the answer at hand, they’ll Slack, Google, comb through internal wikis and CMS. That’s time and money lost on unnecessary research and follow-ups, disrupting the buyer experience.

Embed the right bits of content in Salesforce and you’ll see a positive impact on lead-to-customer conversion rate, sales cycle length, win rate, Salesforce adoption, and more.

Use a digital adoption solution that provides real-time analytics on content usage and user context.
Add golden nuggets of information at every step of the user flow.
Use data insights (and, if possible, interviews with top sellers) to identify the 20% of content that needs updating or optimising, as well as what’s missing.
Integrate these insights and resources into the rep’s workday with natively embedded field level content, activity-based push notifications, and time-sensitive alerts in Salesforce.

What you can do today:

Get (and show) results with real-time data

The need for rapid, data-based decisions, from processes to investments in technology, that translate into clear business value has never been greater. Industry leaders, experts, and strategic advisers, including Forrester, Gartner, and McKinsey, all point to the same core elements of growth in 2023:

What that requires is:

You can’t afford to wait for three, six, or twelve months to find out if you’re on the right track to reach your KPIs, reduce costs, and get results.

You need to show the business value and impact created by each Salesforce user paid for, every project launched, the training and sales enablement content created — at any time, on any day.

With a digital adoption solution that offers real-time data insights from day one, you can do just that.

Get real-time insights & analytics on how your users engage with Salesforce

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