How to test & secure the success of your Salesforce deployment

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How to test & secure the success of your Salesforce deployment

You’ve gone through the many complex steps of Salesforce deployment. Now it’s time to make sure it’s adopted and processes followed as intended.

That requires you to:

Only you can’t.

You’re stuck with multiple dashboards and reports that leave you with more questions than answers. And you’re working with next to no budget to develop training and sales enablement that would help employees use Salesforce more effectively.

A dead end? Not quite.

There’s one more avenue to explore — a resource-efficient approach to tracking and improving Salesforce adoption without compromising the quality of user insights or the results you can achieve.

Let’s get to it.

Turn to contextual usage data

The fastest way to achieve results is by knowing the What as well as the How and Why of Salesforce usage.

The What covers the basics:

The How and Why provide the context — the crucial details that highlight the reasons behind all of the above, such as:

With Improved Apps, for example, your Salesforce users can upvote, downvote, and comment on embedded help content and the alerts they receive — without having to leave the platform.

This provides admins and content authors with immediate visibility over what’s working, what questions remain unanswered, and which pain points need to be tackled first.

Contextual data is what takes you from generic Salesforce activity reports → actionable insights → clear user pain points and challenges → adoption-boosting improvements → positive, measurable ROI.

And we don’t say positive ROI lightly. We mean results like:

Let’s explore how that works in practice.

Use context to get results

Whether it’s company-wide Salesforce adoption or a team-specific challenge, your goals will determine how you approach this data.

Here are a few real-life examples.

schaeffler logo

Scrap heap. That’s where Schaeffler, a leading German automotive parts manufacturer, was ready to send the whole Salesforce adoption project.

The company had tried — and failed — to roll out the platform across its three lines of business several times.

It saw nothing but:

Schaeffler made one final brave attempt to turn things around.

The cure was quite simple though radically different from anything they had tried before:

This was a non-technical solution that would reduce operational costs and enforce process compliance.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Schaeffler looked at contextual Salesforce usage data, measured the right KPIs, and not only succeeded with Salesforce adoption but also expanded the solution to an additional 2500 users.

Metrics to look at
thompson reuters benefiting with salesforce sales enablement with improved apps

Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of business information and research services, had a different challenge: their sales reps struggled to close deals efficiently.

The reason:

There are many elements to measurable and effective sales enablement. In this case, much of it was due to ineffective content distribution. People weren’t using the guides that had already been created. And Salesforce admins had no way of measuring how many of them answered user questions, either about Salesforce or order capture and sales processes.

That lead Thomson Reuters to implement the following solutions:

And what about measuring success?

They looked at their employee in-app activity as well as the context behind it — the tasks people were trying to accomplish, how long it took, what content they consulted, and how their productivity changed over time.

And it worked.

Thomson Reuters achieved:

Metrics to look at
siemens logo

The global technology company Siemens, a user of Salesforce Service Cloud, were looking to improve Customer Support operations and increase revenue from existing customer accounts.

Analysis of contextual Salesforce usage data told them that the biggest roadblock to achieving that lay in a lack of clarity around implementing best practices and process requirements.

One of the key solutions Siemens adopted was embedding guidance into Salesforce pages. These snippets of information, coupled with a hyperlinked list of resources for more detailed reading, clearly signposted how to:

The result: growth in both revenue and customer satisfaction.
Metrics to look at

This level of Salesforce usage insights isn’t available out of the box. You can gather it using a combination of different analytics tools and integrations. A simpler (and more cost-efficient) way is to download Improved Usage Tracker and get instant access to Salesforce user activity and context in Salesforce-native reports and dashboards.

improved usage tracker for salesforce movie overlay

For best results, make sure your Salesforce usage reports carry real-time data. That way, you won’t be forced to wait for weeks and months to find out if the chosen solution works — and whether there’s room for optimisation.

You’ll be able to act instantly and get the latest metrics on your screen, ready for any management or board meeting that comes your way.

Get real-time insights & analytics on how your users engage with Salesforce

“Our company has more than 7,000 Salesforce users and more than 6,000 public reports and more than 200 unique dashboards.

We searched for months to find a tool that would help us understand what needed to stay and what needed to go based on current usage/adoption and found nothing!

Then when we discovered this app and followed the awesome Vimeo tutorials on how to install and setup as well as achieve our use case, within an hour we were rolling in our dev box and ready to move onto QA! Highly recommend this app!”

Adam Schwallie

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