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Drive Salesforce implementation with the #1 digital adoption solutions by Improved Apps

The most secure digital adoption solution delivers unrivalled Salesforce engagement helping you share your knowledge across your entire organisation with ease
salesforce digital adoption solutions by improved apps

In-app Salesforce help and training

Introducing the most flexible and secure solution for Salesforce implementation and Salesforce engagement to meet your digital adoption goals across your entire workforce. Our unrivalled, 100% native solution provides in-app Salesforce help and training, feedback and sentiment gathering to support the agile business, drive continuous improvement and deliver a better experience for everyone.

Before and after implementing in-app Salesforce help and training, by Improved Apps


Improved Apps - the only Salesforce security reviewed digital adoption partner


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Boost your organisation’s digital adoption

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Get started in 3 easy steps

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Choose to install one or both of our apps – Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard.

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Drag and drop chosen packaged components onto your pages, then run the quick start wizard.

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Create Engaging Content

Start authoring content and deploy to your users, all within your Salesforce application.

Get started with Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard NOW!

Under the hood of Improved Apps' Salesforce engagement solutions

Key features designed to drive Salesforce engagement and increase digital adoption within your organisation

Context-aware Salesforce help and training at the point of need

No more wondering where content might be and where to start searching. No more struggling with what to look for. No more digging for clues across multi-page documents in some remote content store. All the answers are easily available to users at their point of need driving Salesforce implementation and engagement across your organisation!

Fully integrated with Salesforce search

Users can use the Salesforce global search to find any content, help topics or critical communications from any location or device. Simplify end user Salesforce help and training.

Gather user feedback

Allow users to easily log feedback at the touch of a button (or finger). Capture user feedback, sentiment and comments, all in the context of the task in hand. Users can submit feedback as they go about their normal day. 

Improved Apps digital adoption solutions provide easy access from any device

Enjoy a seamless experience, with access to the same, context-sensitive content seen on normal browsers or on any Salesforce supported mobile device.

Boost Salesforce engagement within your organisation

Improved Apps is all about offering improved Salesforce engagement by enhancing user experience. We’ll help you get to a place where your users will say… ”Salesforce makes my job easier” or “Salesforce really helps me do my job more effectively” and “I couldn’t work without it”. Increase users’ knowledge whilst enjoying more customer-facing time.

sales enablement and data driven improvements for salesforce

Digital Adoption Healthcheck

How engaged is your organisation?

Answer 12 questions to get an understanding of the extent of Salesforce adoption within your organisation 

Easily author & maintain Salesforce help and training content

Simple authoring tools make it EASY for non-technical business users to create and curate in-app, context-sensitive Salesforce help and learning content – and place it on-demand at the user’s point of need. Maximise return on existing investments by signpost existing resources from any location, with contextual usage notes.

Share knowledge across your user communities

Deliver concise, compelling ‘gold nuggets’ of content, with easy cross-referencing. Control visibility with Data-Sharing Rules for different user groups such as language, access tools & feedback mechanisms for contribution & continuous improvement.

Drive Salesforce implementation and digital adoption by pushing targeted alerts to end-users and monitor acknowledgement

Internal communication will drive Salesforce implementation across your organisation with controlled alerts, updates, announcements & calls for action. Keep users informed & compliant, whilst avoiding email & chatter channel ‘noise’. Ensure key information is consumed & acted upon – Standard ‘Notification’ banners are available in various form-factors to suit your Salesforce experiences, deployment and use cases. 

Monitor end user content engagement and sentiment

Enable continuous improvement by tracking engagement, usage and user feedback. Prioritise your content curation efforts and enable continuous improvement with data-driven decisions.

User interactions are logged as Salesforce records – trapping engagement, usage, comments, feedback, searches, sentiment, etc. In-page interactions (think web analytics for Salesforce) also log the Salesforce record ID, enable cross-referencing help usage during key activities, such as competitor research, deal reviews or case management. Many native reports and dashboards are packaged with our solution, meaning there's nothing new to learn. User interactions can be analysed through regular reports & dashboards by users with appropriate Salesforce rights – whether those bundled with the application or embed our key KPIs within your own existing reports and dashboards. If you know Salesforce reports and dashboards you know Improved Apps analytics.

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