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Salesforce adoption helps you deliver your content, regardless of its current location, to the right user at the right time, embedded within your Salesforce Org.

sales enablement and digital adoption with improved apps
what is digital adoption and how to achieve it with improved apps and salesforce

What is Digital Adoption?


Digital adoption refers to achieving a state within a company where all digital tools and assets are leveraged (adopted) to the fullest extent. To achieve the very best outcomes you must ensure that your business cases are realised in a measurable way by driving adoption of both applications and business processes.

Digital adoption helps you deliver your content, regardless of its current location, to the right user at the right time, embedded within your applications.

Digital adoption, quite simply, refers to achieving a state within a company where all digital tools and assets are leveraged to the fullest extent. Digital adoption is clearly the way of the future.

Source: Forbes

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For decades companies have been spending millions trying to be more efficient and agile… this constant change causes a massive headache for employees trying to keep up.

For example sales people spend hours trying to find product information or competitive data, having to search across 10-15 different content repositories and often miss the best content available – it’s a nightmare. 

Yet people don’t want to be trained anymore, they just want quick answers… like they get in the consumer world… Companies simply aren’t providing adequate tools for their employees… Everyone is less productive, unhappy, and at risk of non-compliance…

…Digital Adoption with Enterprise Documentation is set to change this.

Over a third of CRM adoption projects fail. But with remote working on the rise, hybrid selling is expected to become the dominant sales strategy, making Salesforce adoption more important than ever.

The 3 Roadblocks to Salesforce Adoption and How To Fix Them

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How to win the battle for digital adoption

If you’re looking at ways to win the battle for digital adoption – there are a lot of options out there to consider. But you don’t want to regret the one you pick, do you?

Digital adoption is much more than how many times in a period your users have logged into an application! It’s more than how many pages have they visited, or how many records have they have created, viewed or edited. You need to think about what behaviours or experiences you wish to improve on, for example…

Then you need to think about what metrics you need to track adoption and improvements.

Embarking on the battle is a huge challenge for most organisations. Rising to the challenge, particularly the adoption of a new or existing CRM like Salesforce is daunting, and will require large percentages of your workforce to embrace it.

The digital adoption platform (DAP)

AKA digital adoption solution (DAS)

Success can be achieved by choosing a digital adoption platform  which focuses on empowering and engaging your workforce. The true measure of success is tied to how well your Salesforce users adopt to training, processes and tools. By implementing a digital adoption platform to mitigate adoption failures, users become more engaged and empowered.

Often referred to as digital adoption solutions, digital adoption platforms improve or eliminate the factors preventing users from successfully adopting technology. It is typically software designed to help people get the most out of other applications, like Salesforce. It does this by simplifying tasks, removing the friction from associated support and measuring adoption across a software suite.

When a user is struggling to achieve a task in Salesforce for example, or is uncertain of the correct processes or company procedures, they need immediate help and support. Without support they’ll make errors or fulfil the task outside of Salesforce. One of the visible features of a DAP is the embedded in-app support offered to end-users. This is simply layered on top of the Salesforce user interface, and usually consists of step-by-step guidance for key or complex tasks, as well as useful knowledge content. Making this support available at the right time when the user needs it makes the application like Salesforce easier to use and task completions more accurate..

A digital adoption platform enables the measurement of digital adoption itself. Salesforce and other application have an arsenal of data and analytics available for administrators to monitor usage. But a DAP can track the in-app interactions like engagement with support content, time spent on tasks, user sentiment and the value of platform itself.

Typical outcome after 1 month
of CRM go-live

Only 30%

Power or Aspiring Power Users

Typical outcome after 1 month of CRM go-live + digital adoption platform


Power or Aspiring Power Users

Boost user engagement and process compliance with the #1 Salesforce digital adoption software

Improved Apps empowers Salesforce users with up to date, personalised, contextual information and critical alerts, precisely when and where they need it. Our digital adoption software is the only 100% native Salesforce solution, and fully integrates across all Salesforce environments without any browser extensions or technical complexities.

If you’re embarking on a roadmap of boosting user engagement and process compliance across your technologies, choosing the most effective digital adoption software is critical to your success. Improved Apps is the only Salesforce security reviewed digital adoption partner, and is the winner of Salesforce’s prestigious Partner Innovation Award for 2021, recognising outstanding innovation of transformative solutions that deliver customer success.

Salesforce innovation awards 2021 winner for in-app digital adoption platform
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Get your digital adoption started with Improved Apps

See the key features of Improved Apps to help you think about your requirements. We’ve developed a free app to help you learn more about digital adoption (DigitalAdoption.Info). You may sign-up, free of charge, login and learn about ‘Digital Adoption’ and find information to help you assess the right digital adoption vendor for your business.

sales enablement and digital adoption with improved apps

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