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Centralised Knowledge to Boost Productivity

Surface your organisational knowledge – all within Salesforce, precisely where and when users need it.

See user engagement and productivity soar and support calls fall, with Improved Apps' Knowledge Base, which is fully integrated and sits right inside your Salesforce Org.


Significant improvements in productivity by deploying a centralised knowledge base

Of digital workers struggle to find the information needed to effectively perform their jobs. Gartner 2023
Improvement in productivity seen by companies that encourage knowledge sharing. McKinsey

Find information fast

Make Salesforce the front door to your Knowledge Base and productivity will skyrocket

For years, companies have stored their content, from process compliance docs to sales enablement material, in a multitude of different locations. So? Valuable knowledge is wasted, forgotten and hard to find. Improved Apps’ can surface any content from any location for example field-level help on steroids or in-page nudges mean you can serve up your content just at the point of need. The result? Your users get the information they want fast. And that great experience means they like use Salesforce, and use it more than ever, driving your adoption and return on your investment of Salesforce.

Improved apps has given us a repository where we can store links to and create 'Master' documents. With all of our, 'how-to' guides and information on pricing calculators, best practices etc. kept right in Salesforce, it has greatly increased our end user's productivity and engagement with Salesforce. We have received positive feedback from our end users stating that they no longer have to hunt around all the different locations where we used to keep important documents, saving them time and encouraging them to always follow the most up to date best practices.


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Create a 'Search First Culture' to reduce support calls by 70%

A single front door to your organisational knowledge

Consolidate and organise all learning, knowledge, and skills into a centralised, AI searchable repository. Extract valuable insights from real-time communication channels, such as Slack, and transform them into easily searchable ‘golden nuggets’ (we call them ‘Help Topics’) within Salesforce.

Centralised Knowledge Boosts Productivity

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Put your knowledge where your teams are working

Win more, increase customer satisfaction and boost your teams confidence in finding the right informaton to meet their needs – Fast!

Use our Help Wizard to breakdown your existing content into ‘bite size’chunks, that can be served up to answer a specific question. For a quick win, use Help Lite to give user access to knowledge straight from the Utility Bar. If you are using Salesforce Knowledge, then we can help you get the right Knowledge Article(s) in front of the right people at the right time. We do this by organising Articles, tagging, keywording them, whilst using our contextual awareness to know who the user is and what they are trying to do.

Create Knowledge Base in Salesforce that's accessible anytime and from any device

Improved Apps makes your content easy to find and easy to update.

Improved Apps helps you ensure your content is always compliant, on-brand and up-to-date with easy in-platform editing. Live feedback lets users flag issues or upvote useful guides, training and sales collateral, while engagement metrics show which content is being accessed – so you only need to worry about updating resources that are actually used. Which keeps the content authors happy too, as they are only working on things that are actually used or important through user demand!

Available in Core Clouds, Experience Cloud and Salesforce Mobile

Create 'Help Topics' direct from Email or Slack conversations

Use ChatGPT in-App to create or rework content or Einstein AI to search for Help

No matter where you store your content (LMS/DMS, YouTube, Vimeo, Sharepoint, My Trailhead, Salesforce Knowledge, maybe not under the bed!), Improved Apps can signpost your users to it exactly when and where they need it from within the Salesforce pages they already use.

Breaking Knowledge Silos and Boosting Collaboration

Aggregate key content, break down knowledge silos and make critical company information easily accessible within Salesforce from any browser or device.

Subject matter experts align users with a streamlined and centralised resource, organisations can empower their employees to find the right information at the right time, without the need for constant enquiries, searching in a multitude of locations, disruptions and time wasted.

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Pathway to learn more

Answer the immediate question, but provide resources for the user to delve deeper and find out more.

Signposting company knowledge stored in other systems is a quick way to ensure the right information is found at the point of need, with the option to delve deeper, if the user requires more or has the appetite or time for more in depth learning.

Put go-to-market strategies into action

Centralise Knowledge for Productivity Wins

Implementing a centralised knowledge base offers numerous advantages…


Eliminate the need to navigate through many content storage locations

Time saving

Only update content that is actually used


Single source of truth

Support Hybrid/Remote/Office workers

Give users confidence in the credibility of content

Increase customer satisfaction


Subject Matter Experts Share expertise, experience and knowledge

Facilitate feedback and sentiment on content

Access, analyse and share content usage statistics


Stop time wasted searching in a multitude of locations

Serve up content that is relevant to the user and what they are doing

Automated Wiki style links for keyworks or phrases

Remote/Hybrid working - Same access from any device

Cost Saving

Reduced Support Calls

Only maintain content that useful

Reduced Traning costs

Reduce content storage repositories


Foster a search first culture

A hub for consolidating knowledge from various sources, teams

Flexible component based architecture

Customisable branding and styling

You can offer your golden nugget of information, a longer piece of text, a video, a pdf or a guide. It’s information at the point of need, for every situation. The benefit is your users don’t have to remember everything – just how to click on a question mark and content is served on a silver plate!

Super charge sales enablement in Salesforce

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Sales enablement isn’t just about employee onboarding, training, or content. When done well, it encompasses all those elements and more. Add Salesforce to the mix and it will drive revenue, reduce churn, and show you the ROI you want.

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How many times have you witnessed users struggling to complete their Salesforce tasks or the Support team answering the same questions over and over again?

How to Deliver Salesforce Training that Sticks

Guide: How to Deliver Salesforce Training that Sticks

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