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If you just clicked ‘Get it Now’ on the AppExchange you’re on your way to getting started.

To proceed, engage your Salesforce Administrator for the installation of Usage Tracker. After installation, you can assume control of the Reports and Dashboards or seamlessly export the data to your preferred BI tool, such as Tableau or Business Objects.

An average ‘Quick Start’ installation of Usage Tracker typically takes around 20-30 minutes, enabling you to start gathering data immediately.

improved usage tracker analytics

Send your Sys Admin a link to the getting started page via...


Start your digital adoption journey. Understand what users do in Salesforce day to day.

Think Google Analytics for Salesforce. All the usage data sits within your trusted Org. You have full control over all data capture and we provide you with easy maintenance tools.


A FREE app that makes it easy to track how your Salesforce users are engaging with your Org.


Install Improved Usage Tracker into any Salesforce Org. Monitor usage by role, profile, location, department or user via the dashboard.


Find out fast how your people use Salesforce. Identify the potential for efficiencies and boost productivity for greater Salesforce ROI.

After setting up the Usage Tracker, you will gain access to real-time Salesforce usage insights. These valuable analytics serve as a powerful resource for reporting and informed decision-making.

Here’s some ways people are using the tool…

  • Identify subsidiaries with poor adoption to focus support and training
  • Upgrading page layouts – identify popular pages and start with those first
  • Identify if/how people are using Salesforce Flows
  • Reduce the number of active reports and dashboards – which ones are actually being used
  • Identify unused Salesforce licences to reduce costs or reassign them
  • Identify optimal times/days for routine maintenance/downtime
  • Heat map of most frequented pages and sub-pages – resource optimisation
improved usage tracker dashboard
Impressive app which also is free
It is not common to find such a competent tool that is also free. Was easy to setup and could directly measure the users behaviour in the platform. Out of the box dashboard was really helpful. Also got support on how to add this tracking in our visualforce pages..”
Able Group
Great tool that will be up an running in minutes
Installation setup and configuration was done in couple of minutes. After that you will get results immediately. Although the app is free the support is great end helped to understand the capabilities and constrains of the product. We are using Usage Tracker to build utilization benchmarks. This is helping to identify subsidiaries with poor user adoption to focus our training and support efforts.”
Great useful tool that is actually free
We are using it to track usage of new workspaces and now we can use it to see how/if people are using certain custom flows. It’s easy to use and comes with pre-built dashboards and reports. Great company and they jumped in to help us out when we needed it.”
Great app to measure report and dashboard usage
With more than 7k SFDC users with 6k+ Reports and more than 200 dashboards. We’ve recently started the journey of trying to dramatically simplify and reduce those reports/dashboards to exclusively focus on what’s most important. We searched for months to find a tool that would help us understand what needed to stay or go and found nothing! Then when we discovered this app and followed the awesome Vimeo tutorials on how to install and setup as well as achieve our use case, within an hour we were rolling! Highly recommend this app!”
Easy, Useful and Free!
What more could you want? A free app that provides useful metrics. Improved Apps quickly answered our questions and helped us configure the one last missing link to start gathering the metrics we were interested in. This will help us strategize and put focus where it matters most.”
“This is a very useful app that surfaces interesting and insightful stats including which pages are the most accessed, which times of the day and days of the week are the busiest, and much more. It also surfaces your most (and least) engaged users. It’s simple to use and comes with a useful pre-built dashboard which answers questions you didn’t know you had. Well done to Improved Apps for building the Usage Tracker and for making it available.”

Out-of-the-Box Customisable Dashboard

Track every interaction on every page and sub-page for every user.

  • Visualise Salesforce adoption profiles
  • Add any metrics to your existing dashboards
  • Chatter and Slack integration
  • No browser extensions
  • Fully customisable
improved usage tracker dashboard

Let your Sys Admin know they can get started in 3 easy steps

improve salesforce user adoption step 1


Quick install into any Salesforce Org

improve salesforce user adoption step 2


Drag and drop detection zones onto any pages

improve salesforce user adoption step 3

Reports & Dashboard

Install and run the packaged Dashboard

Send your Sys Admin a link to the getting started page via...

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