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boost productivity across your workforce with salesforce digital adoption tools

What lies behind the results that your employees achieve, and upon which your company depends for its business success?

Answer: Your people and specifically, the behaviour of your people

Providing them with great customer engagement tools such as Salesforce.com is only a part of the solution. Unless your people have internal belief and take ownership of the values of your company, they will not exhibit behaviour that boosts productivity or drives appropriate actions to get positive results.

Boost productivity across your workforce

Improved Apps provides integral Salesforce in-app training for your staff to adopt the right behaviours and belief to boost productivity across your workforce.

For example, training guides allow a user to select a guided tour as and when it is needed, and access to training notes, videos, and other pertinent content are identified for the user as a pre-requisite. Changes to applications are also readily highlighted and guides can be delivered to cover just this change.

Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard have been designed with flexibility in mind. They come with a set of configurable components which support multi-lingual deployments and have the ability to target specific users with critical alerts or content at their point of need.

This approach to the learning challenge is helping organisations around the world supercharge their workforce, boost productivity and Salesforce adoption; and is pushing user-sentiment to heights never experienced before. 

boost productivity of your workforce with salesforce in-app training
boost digital adoption

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Boost your organisation’s digital adoption

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Choose to install one or both of our apps – Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard.

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Drag and drop chosen packaged components onto your pages, then run the quick start wizard.

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Create Engaging Content

Start authoring content and deploy to your users, all within your Salesforce application.

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Is your Salesforce environment the cause of poor productivity

The purpose of a salesperson is to win business. They do two things: manage a sales opportunity to closure and prospect for new opportunities. That’s it.

It’s well known that 80% of your revenue will come from the top 20% of your salespeople. These people are exemplars in combining the knowledge and sales tools your company creates around product, case studies, competition, etc. with a sales process your company has honed over time to win business. These sales exemplars have the skills and abilities to do the right things at the right time using the right information in the right way. They exude confidence, believe in your company and exhibit a behaviour that boosts production and drives action to get positive results. Imagine if you could bottle this!

The next 60% of your sales people are either aspiring toward exemplar, or simply stuck in the middle. Their productivity is causing concern because they often don’t know where the right sales tools are or how to use them at the right time. They may not know how to quickly access your company’s knowledge to respond to situations ‘in the moment’, especially if they are still ramping up their skills – and that’s why you need to invest in tools and training to nurture them to be the next wave of exemplars. 

The bottom 20% of your sales people are either new-hires or struggling to gain the skills and abilities to do the job. They need a lot of help and you will be investing time and money on them. Imagine if you had a way to help this group of salespeople mimic the behaviour of your exemplars! 

Your Salesforce environment provides your sales people as well as the rest of your workforce, with access to the tools they need to excel in their jobs. But the reason that you don’t have a workforce full of exemplars is very likely due to low levels of internal belief, insufficient or inadequate training, and misguided behaviours resulting in poor digital adoption. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.  

Encourage good behaviour and boost productivity through good leadership and the tools that you employ

Creating more exemplars is naturally the way forward for any organisation that wants to increase revenue. Capturing the behaviour of exemplars and sharing that knowledge enables your entire sales team to do the right thing, at the right time, in the right place… It’s all about sharing knowledge for shared success.

As a leader, your success is lock-tied to the success of your people, and the behaviour you consistently exhibit will have the greatest influence on them. Sales tools are needed to provide access to information and sales processes.

First, your people need to acquire the appropriate skills and abilities, and this requires education. Next comes critical steps of instilling belief and taking ownership of the values of your company, only then will your salespeople exhibit the right behaviour to boost productivity and drive the appropriate actions that get positive results.

“I’m now confident that our Salesforce users get the help that they need”

Sam Cobley, Alere Toxicology – Online Development Manager
improved apps for salesforce user engagement and digital adoption

Sharing knowledge for shared success

sales enablement and digital adoption with improved apps

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