Why Improved Help For Salesforce.com Compared With Any LMS, DMS or CMS

We often get asked ‘Why use Improved Help for Salesforce.com when we already have LMS, DMS, and CMS systems in place?’


Every enterprise Customer we work with has already invested significantly in Learning Management Solutions (LMS), Document Management Systems (DMS) or Content Management Systems (CMS), and, some have many of these! It’s quite normal to find that a person typically has to navigate 10-20 content locations as they go about their job.

Whilst these investments are very worthy of their place in the enterprise and have played a key role in their existence, the main challenge still exists that is the fact their people still have to go on a journey from Salesforce.com to the LMS, DMS or CMS to search for content or browse a catalogue/folder structure. They also need to do this to look for suitable content and work out for themselves if they are looking at the right thing. Most often this journey wastes a lot of their time and only gets them frustrated (too many times per day), and they regularly give up and then waste a colleague’s time asking them to help find what they need. We call this ‘swivel chair syndrome’ or ‘The Help Journey’.

However, we know there’s great content available to help our people be more effective or proficient in their roles within these systems, if we are honest with ourselves, these LMS, DMS and CMS are under-utilised.

According to Learning Technologies, recent research (2017) shows only 21% of employees use their L&D department as a source for learning, and over 20% of employees surveyed said that employer-provided technology did not meet their expectations.

Have you invested in LMS or other content resources that users either can’t find or ignore? Why not reverse the User’s journey! Don’t force them away from their point of need to external documents, presentations, web pages or LMS courses, simply embed it instead. 

Improved Help sits nicely (and natively) within a Customer’s Salesforce.com org. Improved Help knows so much context of who the User is, what role they play, where they are in the application or process, what type of record they are on that it can accurately prescribe suitable content that typically sits within a Customer’s LMS or CMS or DMS store. Improved Help provides this rich Context and can use this intelligence to signpost users to suitable content or take them on learning paths. They can access their in-app coach (Improved Help) to address the specific need at that time and then use the contextual embedded links to learn more and take that more structured course buried in the LMS.

The User Enagement Layer for Salesforce

Improved Help does not tread on the toes of any LMS, DMS or CM, it complements it significantly. Furthermore, the deep analysis that Improved Help provides shows where people were in Salesforce before they started that journey and any user feedback shown through comments or sentiment if any content was of use. This information provides unprecedented insight into where users need our help and training, or where the gaps are, to improve things.

I wrote a blog a while ago on ‘The future of true context-sensitive help is here…today’, which explains the lack of Context in existence today without Improved Help. This is a shame as Context and content are what creates the value. Using Improved Help, we get “The right information, at the right place at the right time, which provides a feel-good factor for our people!”. No more excuses. Simple.

Improved Help starts making a difference on day one and moves our Customer’s users into a ‘Continuous Learning’ environment where users can dip in and out of relevant prescribed content, help and training, whenever they need it. The business leaders get the analysis to drive continual improvement.

I’m always happy to jump on a webinar to discuss anything from the above.

Thank you, Simon Thompson, EVP & Co-Founder of Improved Apps

Do get in touch and we can demo our solutions, it will quickly bring you up to speed on the innovation that is ‘Improved Apps’, or visit our AppExchange listings for Improved Help and Improved NoticeBoard to learn more and read all the great reviews.

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