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Improved Apps Helps Create Experiences That Drive Growth

As businesses and cultures worldwide eagerly transition into a digital-first marketplace, seamless online customer experiences have become paramount for any company to survive and subsequently thrive. With customers becoming the heart and soul of any organisation, more companies are accelerating their shift to digital business — simultaneously reducing costs and improving online experiences for both their customers and employees.

Improved Apps is an Independent Software Vendor specialising in digital adoption solutions for Salesforce AppExchange. We have the world-leading, next-generation Salesforce user engagement solution. We help companies around the world empower their Salesforce users by providing them with up-to-date, contextual information, precisely when and where they need it. Simply put, our team at Improved Apps:

  • Is the only 100% native, security-reviewed Digital Adoption Solution for Salesforce
  • Fully integrates across all Salesforce environments without any browser extensions or technical complexities
  • Enables your business to be agile, self-sufficient, and shifts user sentiment to ‘this makes my task easier’
  • Improves digital adoption throughout your entire business

Why is Salesforce the World’s #1 CRM?

Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is not just any CRM that houses client data. It’s a premier platform that allows businesses to build customer-centric relationships by enabling them to connect and interact with customers in a way that caters to their individual needs, allowing for improved experiences and business growth. Salesforce helps companies stay connected to their customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. Unlocking customer-centric growth by implementing Salesforce ultimately empowers companies to manage relationships through the customer lifecycle, spanning marketing, sales, and customer service.

Salesforce has become the world’s #1 CRM, partially due to the power of having a single source of truth for every customer’s data. Salesforce refers to this valuable feature as “Customer 360” because it connects all your customers across online and offline data.

But, why does this matter? Each individual cloud utilises collected data for specific strategies. For example, if an organisation needs customer information for a purpose within marketing, sales, or service, the ultimate goal is successful because all teams access centralised, accurate, and up-to-date data.

Enhancing the User Experience

enhancing user experience of salesforce

Improved Apps is a one-of-a-kind partner specialising in user engagement apps on Salesforce AppExchange, a platform giving partners a place to create and publish customised extensions to Salesforce. It’s also the place for Salesforce admins to find and install solutions that best fit their organisation’s needs.

CEO & Co-Founder of Improved Apps, Simon Thompson, started working as a Salesforce employee back in January of 2007, giving him 14 years of experience with at least 1000 customers. Since May of 2012, he has been the leader of Improved Apps. When asked why AppExchange is so beneficial to businesses, he pointed out,

“People can just easily go and test drive apps. They can easily install and test out any app in their own environments, and I find that encouraging. That, I think, is quite key.”

In other words, companies can see if apps are a good fit to their industry or organisation without the initial commitment, creating no-risk/high-reward opportunities.

How the Transformation Transpired

Regarding digital transformation, Simon Thompson has noticed a big shift from focusing on the customer experience to the employee experience, especially over the last 18 months. As he says,

“That’s sort of been a big interest to our customers—how they’ve been adopting our solutions by putting the employee first. And I think that drives better customer experiences. When the employee is more comfortable understanding what they should be doing, where they are in a process, and why they should be doing something a certain way, then we can improve the customer experience just on that basis alone. For us, it’s putting the employee at the heart, and the big shift in digital transformation is to be more of an internal focus—not just external focus.”

“It’s really about empowering the people to be more knowledgeable, and if they’re more knowledgeable, then they’re following the sort of processes that the business wants them to follow, and therefore the customer benefits as well.”

– Simon Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder of Improved Apps

Customers are Crucial. But Never Forget Your Employees

As all leaders of sustainable businesses will attest, it’s equally as imperative to improve the experiences of employees as those of customers. Employees need new technologies to work from home in our ever-changing, digital-first world, so your technology needs to be capable enough to help them collaborate digitally (and efficiently).

When your customers and employees are happy, everyone wins. Rachel Dance is the Business Development Manager at Improved Apps. When discussing the value of her team focusing on the customer, she says,

“We are a team that’s really happy to innovate with customers and support them and handhold them through getting them on board. We’re very much making sure that it’s a success for them. We’re not just shifting a product—we’re making sure that it’s useful to them and it’s adding value right from the very beginning.”

The Data Approach

improved apps enhanceddigal adoption within your organisation

Once your teams can be interoperable, they can be united on a single, integrated platform. By having access to the same, up-to-date data, companies are able to know exactly what their customers and employees are doing. Simon Thompson sees the true value of this aspect of Salesforce. He says,

“I think it’s critical to drive the customer experience, and we’re helping customers capture more structured data from within Salesforce around each of the customer touchpoints. So, we’re getting gleaming feedback from customers, whether it’s anecdotal feedback or just feedback of what they’re actually doing.”

He continues by adding,

“Businesses are constantly able to focus on important things happening right now, and can react much quicker on that accurate data to improve customer experience even more. I think it’s all about agility in that sense, because customers have less resources now, so they want those resources to be more focused on adding value to the business. Within Salesforce and Improved Apps, we certainly help with that.”

Accelerating the Shift to Digital Business

It can be overwhelming, and that’s the main reason more companies like Brambles and Page Group rely on the team of experts at Improved Apps to implement Salesforce as their global CRM tool. When talking about the strategy behind both Brambles and Page Group, Simon Thompson adds,

“Improved Apps embedded its digital adoption tools as part of their rollout strategies. It means that both organisations were able to deploy what we call a ‘Zero Classroom Environment,’ where employees simply get guidance at the point they need it most. Users being able to follow the new processes and get quick answers directly from wherever they are in the process, with signposts to what they should be doing next with this new CRM tool was so much easier with a solution like ours.”

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