Successful Salesforce Onboarding: The Better Way To Induct And Train New Staff


Remember your first day in a new job? You had the anticipation of future successes, but a fear of the unknown and you knew you would be overwhelmed by new names, language, and processes. Based on past experience you also knew you might only learn about essential procedures, of “how we do things around here” when you actually broke the rules, and then the office know-it-all would delight in telling you!

But this new company seems a good bunch. You want this one to be a success.

And they use Salesforce…


Every Salesforce environment, (or ‘instance’ or ‘Org’ to add to the Day-One jargon), is different. It reflects the organisation that owns it and the individuals and teams who configured it. For new joiners, this opens another can of worms, confusions, small and not-so-small, when the same words can mean different things. Salesforce reflects business and is often separated by a common language!

  • Different terms are used to describe the same real-world things or more abstract concepts;
  • Pages you may vaguely recognise have fields you don’t, and pages may be laid out in radically different ways;
  • The actual purpose of this thing called ‘Salesforce’ can be radically different, with different scope, names, ‘objects’, ‘workflows’, processes…the list goes on!

And what if you’ve never used Salesforce before, maybe you’ve only used competitor’s products (yes, they do exist!), or perhaps you’ve never even used a web-based customer database before?

So, with some trepidation, you log into Salesforce…


With Improved Apps, your Salesforce environment has been tuned to help you succeed and be productive from the start, you can access useful and relevant help and training content directly from your pages, including:

  • Definitions, key concepts, language, processes & procedures.
  • Bite-sized chunks: ‘golden nuggets’ of help, relevant to you & focused on the task-in-hand, with links to related information;
  • Content takes various forms – not just boring plain text:
    • Rich-text formatting helps key concepts and terms to stand out;
    • Images illustrate key points, provide context and reinforce learning;
    • Linked key videos set the scene, show process steps in order, with helpful voice-overs.
  • Interactive guides & reading lists – to learn quickly or jog your memory.

It’s all interesting, engaging and helpful.

And then you realise that the help and training content is not static, it can change based on data in the record you are viewing. For example, maybe you choose a specific competitor against an opportunity, in this case, competitor-specific content is provided, with essential selling points against that competitor, to help you with customer conversations.

What’s more, it also includes the business’s expectations of you in key areas, such as data quality and timeliness. So, no more will you have to learn from personal mistakes, as you can do the right things and do things right the first time.

And, this same content is also available via your mobile and tablet devices, allowing you to learn and manage your critical information and tasks whilst in the field.

You really believe you are going to be successful here – and fast! Now that’s #ImprovedHelp for Salesforce.

Do get in touch and we can demo our solutions, it will quickly bring you up to speed on the innovation that is ‘Improved Apps’, or visit our AppExchange listings for Improved Help and Improved NoticeBoard to learn more and read all the great reviews.

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