Success Is Embedded Training

It’s time to create a better user experience, allowing our Salesforce.com users to dip in and out of training whenever they need too.


All too often, system training is divorced from the operational process it supports. Staff are taken out of their working environment, trained and then expected to recall key instructions when the need arises – perhaps weeks or so more after training. Production of training materials and delivery of training courses soaks up precious time from valuable expert resources who have to be dedicated for long periods; it’s all very costly.

Standard Salesforce help for fields and pages offers limited assistance. Field Help content is restricted to simple text, identical for everyone, in the same language, with no ability to access further related information. Also, Salesforce’s ‘Help for this page’ links goes straight to administration-level help, which can confuse your users and lose an opportunity to educate. So, it’s great for Salesforce to showcase features for system administrators to try, but it’s not so great for users!


Imagine you could produce context-sensitive help content in a range of formats, including image or video. Imagine you could make this content accessible for users directly from within their Salesforce pages. Imagine you could generate interactive guides and reading lists for group-related help content that is relevant to the user and the viewed record. Then imagine you could analyse reports on how your users are consuming your help content and even invite them to provide feedback on how to improve your help material. Now that’s a change for good!

Imagine no more!

Improved Help from Improved Apps, is the only 100% native and trusted solution to give you and your Salesforce users the help content they deserve. It puts the right help in the right place at the right time.

This enables users to keep up with the pace of change and continuously improve, without the need to know everything, all of the time.


Dramatically Reduce Your Costs

  • Decrease Training Costs by over 50%
  • Increase Productivity by 21%
  • Reduce Support Costs by 70%

Make Users’ Lives Easier

  • Streamline Delivery
  • Drive Efficiency
  • Reduce Support Enquiries

Learn more, read the 5-star reviews now or take a test drive today from our AppExchange listing here: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N30000009x9XeEAI

Do get in touch and we can demo our solutions, it will quickly bring you up to speed on the innovation that is ‘Improved Apps’, or visit our AppExchange listings for Improved Help and Improved NoticeBoard to learn more and read all the great reviews.

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