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Partners White-Labelling Improved Apps or Enabling Apps

Are you a Salesforce ISV partner or a company responsible for building or integrating Salesforce applications?

Do you worry about Customer Satisfaction and renewal rates?

Do you worry about user adoption of your applications?

Do you want to know where there may be issues in the product, or solution, with the users, or with a department?

Would you like to be able to sell beyond your existing users within a customers org?

Are your customers struggling with change fatigue?

Do you leave help and training and adoption issues until the end of project implementation and then forget about them?

Answered ”yes” to any of these? Then Improved Apps is here to help. We’re here to help you drive adoption and empower self-help.

Customer adoption and self-help are critical for customer engagement, retention, revenue growth, and the containment of support costs. So, how are your users supported for your app?

  • With rich-media, context-sensitive Embedded Help and interactive Help Guides OR
  • Remote documentation, out of context, with screen-shots that don’t match local customisations and perhaps all hidden behind an impenetrable search page?

If you are a Salesforce ISV partner, you will be able to benchmark customers against one another and identify those that need additional help. You will also be able to find the issues with people, departments, or solutions, as well as a more agile Early Warning System (EWS).

Improved Apps helps our white-label partners by…

  • Providing different help for Admins Vs End Users and even Non-Users! Boosting proficiency and confidence.
  • Helping understand where the issues of end-user/customer adoption occur by gathering interaction data and sentiment.
  • Increasing adoption, efficiency and confidence in your applications by users.
  • Improving speed and ease of training, more interactively, placing information as close to the point of need as possible.
  • Reducing process and data errors by helping users understand what to do and why.
  • Dramatically reducing your support costs by placing the right help, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Helping plan for the success of the Enterprise and providing an early warning of impending issues by identifying customer issues before they become support problems.

Contact us to discuss the options available for you / your customer(s).