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Innovative industry solutions, built on Salesforce

Salesforce are helping CIOs in Europe streamline their business processes and solve their technology challenges. Improved Apps features in every single industry solution under user adoption. Automotive, Banking, Consumer Packaged Goods, Health & Life Sciences, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, Professional Services, Retail, Telecoms, Travel, Transport & Hosptitality, Utilities……We’ve got you all! Read more… Do get in…
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Users Don’t Want To Be Trained Anymore

Businesses’ key initiatives today are around digital transformation (including Digital Learning) and agile strategies. Businesses are spending a lot of money on technology to help employees be more efficient, yet they are not getting the value from that investment. Executives worry because we, as users, are changing. Our users today have a lack of retention…
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The Cloud Enterprise Documentation Challenge

The Salesforce Customer has become the Integrator and is trying to manage the enterprise documentation challenge. The Salesforce platform makes it extremely easy, with ‘point & click’ to: Build and Customise Salesforce applications: overriding labels and adding custom fields and more; Add AppExchange applications: to buy ready-made solutions to common processes; Create Custom Objects or…
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True Context-Sensitive Content And Help Is Here Today

I strongly believe that most context-sensitive Help solutions around today lack in context because they have limited integration, which would be funny if it wasn’t so annoying.  We see various definitions out there in the public domain, like “context-sensitive help provides information about the user interface of an application relative to the task a user…
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Success Is Embedded Training

It’s time to create a better user experience, allowing our Salesforce.com users to dip in and out of training whenever they need too. THE PROBLEM All too often, system training is divorced from the operational process it supports. Staff are taken out of their working environment, trained and then expected to recall key instructions when…
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Sharing Critical Information with remote employees with Improved Apps

by Adriana Santos, Salesforce.com As we look ahead at the coming weeks and months, it’s important that employees are set up for success in their remote work environments. What this often comes down to is having the right digital tools in place to be most productive. During these strangest of times and beyond, every organisation…
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Drinking our own champagne

If a company is selling you something to improve your business, isn’t it good practice if they’re using their own solutions to improve their own business? Shouldn’t they be prepared to show you what they’re doing and how they’re doing it? We believe so! ‘Drinking our own champagne’ is at the core of Improved Apps’…
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Let’s Make Searching A Thing Of The Past

Life’s too short to waste time searching for information. Endless searching, it’s a pet hate of mine, and I’m sure it’s something that resonates with us all. Searching endlessly for information we’d rather have at our fingertips is frustrating whatever the situation, but it’s particularly infuriating at work where there are deadlines to meet and…
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Partners ‘White Labelling’ Improved Apps or Enabling Force.com Apps

This is a great opportunity to white label our solutions for your customers and to drive your own digital adoption and digital user engagement strategies. Are you a Salesforce ISV partner or a company responsible for building or integrating Salesforce applications? Do you worry about Customer Satisfaction and renewal rates? Do you worry about onboarding…
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