Let’s Make Searching A Thing Of The Past

Life’s too short to waste time searching for information.

Endless searching, it’s a pet hate of mine, and I’m sure it’s something that resonates with us all. Searching endlessly for information we’d rather have at our fingertips is frustrating whatever the situation, but it’s particularly infuriating at work where there are deadlines to meet and targets to hit. So, what are you or your company doing to ease these irritations? If the answer’s nothing, you’re not alone.

The world, it seems, is awash with companies that aren’t dealing with this extraordinarily costly company characteristic. In 2006, Butler Group, a London-based IT research and analysis organisation, released a report titled ‘Enterprise Search and Retrieval’, which concluded that:

‘ineffective search and discovery strategies are hampering business competitiveness, impairing service delivery and putting companies at risk.’

Specifically, the research firm contended that as much as 10% of a company’s salary costs are “frittered away” as employees scramble to find adequate, accurate information to help them perform their jobs and complete assigned tasks.

Companies have tried to crack this to be fair. They’ve invested in a multitude of systems in an attempt to ‘help’ you! Document Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, plugged-in Enterprise Content Management Systems, the list goes on. All these created (at vast expense) to help you with your searches and, supposedly, offer up content.

However, none of these systems really offer many advantages to the end-user as they are still rooted in, yes you’ve guessed it, searching. Searching on google, searching through menus, searching for PDFs and guides, then searching through chapters of these PDFs and guides, need I go on?

But the winds of change are upon us…

What if you could rid your organisation of ‘searching’ and banish this time-consuming and money-munching beast, forever? Well you can, as our customers have discovered. At Improved Apps, we do it differently! With our tools, we bridge the communication gap by enabling the help content and critical information that users need at their fingertips, to be placed in-the-page of your Salesforce application. 

‘It’s all about the right help, in the right place, at the right time, for the right user.’

So, let’s make searching a thing of the past. Do the right thing by your users. We can help you to help them, and, we have the track record to prove it. 

Do get in touch and we can demo our solutions, it will quickly bring you up to speed on the innovation that is ‘Improved Apps’, or visit our AppExchange listings for Improved Help and Improved NoticeBoard to learn more and read all the great reviews.

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