Lighten the Load with Help ‘Lite’: A Salesforce Admin’s Secret Weapon

Are you a Salesforce Admin juggling more hats than a circus performer? Balancing user training, support calls, and trying to boost user adoption all at once? It’s a demanding act, and we’ve got just the thing to make your Salesforce journey smoother and more entertaining – Improved Help ‘Lite’!

What’s the Buzz?

Improved Help ‘Lite’ is here to transform your training content, taking those dusty PowerPoints and PDFs and turning them into dynamic, engaging help topics right within your Salesforce pages and Flow screens. No more drowning in repetitive support calls, no more struggling to onboard new users – just streamlined, effective, and, dare we say, fun training experiences!

Allocate Improved NoticeBoard Licences to Named-Users

How Does the Magic Happen?

We sprinkle a bit of Improved Help ‘Lite’ magic by embedding your training content into the ‘Utility bar’ in your Salesforce Org. Imagine having dynamic, contextual help right at your users’ fingertips. Our Wiki-style links and seamless integration with Einstein (AI) global search mean your users can find answers faster than you can say “Formula 1.” The result? Fewer support calls, quicker onboarding, increased user adoption, and reduced training time and costs. It’s like a pit stop for your Salesforce efficiency!

Why Join the Help ‘Lite’ Party?

  • Fewer support calls: Because who has time for that?
  • Quicker onboarding: Get your users up to speed in record time.
  • Increased user adoption: Turn your Salesforce sceptics into enthusiasts.
  • Reduced training time and cost: Save resources for the finish line.
  • Reduced process & data errors: No more navigating treacherous data terrain.

What They’re Saying in the Fast Lane

“Great help in increasing end user knowledge and adoption!”Tayler McCracken, Salesforce Admin, KTSL

“No more time wasting in Salesforce.”Nicola Swavley, Salesforce Admin, The Bike Project

“If you are reviewing Improved Apps’ solutions stop deliberating and just get it.”Anthony Johnson, Director of Support Operations, Sage Intacct

Tailored for Small Orgs and NFPs

We get it – you’re not running on a Formula 1 team budget. Help ‘Lite’ is designed with smaller organisations and non-profits in mind.

Say goodbye to expensive, one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to a tailored, budget-friendly approach. It’s the small details that make a big difference.

Track and Roll

Our Free Usage Tracker tool lets you pinpoint popular pages and sub-pages. See what content your users love, where they’re engaging, and what’s making the biggest impact. It’s like having your very own pit crew analysing every move.

salesforce usage tracker guide

Content Pack – Where ChatGPT Takes the Wheel

Don’t have training content yet? No problem. Share your requirements with us, and with the help of our integrated ChatGPT, we’ll do the heavy lifting. We transform your ideas, your requirements, and any training materials, ensuring end user compliance, whilst helping your users navigate Salesforce like pros.

Focus on What You Do Best

Let Help ‘Lite’ handle the heavy lifting from content analysis to embedding, giving you one less plate to spin. Bliss.

Improved help lite

All of This at ‘Lite’ Pricing

At just £1/user/month for up to 80 end users, Improved Help ‘Lite’ is the quickest and easiest way to turbocharge your Salesforce training. Request a demo, check out the full feature list, and let’s get you started!

Ready to revolutionise your Salesforce game? It’s time to go ‘Lite’ and make your Salesforce journey a victory lap! 🏁

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