Leveraging Improved Apps’ ‘Position Detector’ Component to Uncover Salesforce User Behaviour for Informed Decision-Making

For modern business operations, understanding user behaviour within platforms like Salesforce has become integral for strategic decision-making. Tools like our ‘Position Detector’ component, have emerged as game-changers in deciphering user interactions.  

This innovative feature not only tracks user actions but also integrates seamlessly with Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Tableau, enabling organisations to glean valuable insights.

If your organisation is not currently using a BI tool, don’t panic! You can use our Free Usage Tracker Dashboard.  Based on standard Salesforce Reports and Dashboards, it’s available from the AppExchange, out-of-the-box (but fully customisable) for use with our position detector component.

Sales Cloud Use Case

Unveiling User Behaviour

Our ‘position detector’ is a beacon, shining a light on the pages, subpages or even Salesforce Flow screens, where user interactions take place within Salesforce. Using our tools, one organisation captured 2.5 million interactions, showcasing its remarkable ability to identify user journeys, behaviours, and preferences. 

As a Salesforce Center of Excellence, this capability aids in refining their training and support strategy with precision and substantiated evidence. It enables them to effectively address areas that reveal lower user adoption, ensuring a targeted approach to overcome these challenges.   This wealth of well structured data encompasses insights such as role, time/date, geography, department and device, providing a holistic view of user engagement and perfect for any BI tool or AI project.  

Salesforce Flows

The position detector can also be used with Salesforce Flows and specifically any flow screen steps. to see how and if people are using them.  Where are they stopping or getting stuck? Are there parts of the Flow that never get used? If you need to make a change, who is actually using them?

TIP: For quick install, deploy the ‘position detector’ to the utility bar and start tracking any App right away.

Experience Cloud

Utilise ‘Position Detector’ around your Experience Cloud pages to see how customers and partners are interacting with your pages and services.

Empowering BI Insights

The combination of the ‘Position Detector’ and BI tools signifies a pivotal shift in how organisations perceive and utilise data. Business Intelligence tools are not merely repositories of information; they are dynamic platforms that decipher patterns, trends, and correlations within the data. The amalgamation of millions of User interactions into Tableau (or similar BI tools) equips decision-makers with a granular understanding of user behaviour.

Deriving Actionable Insights

The real power lies in the transformative potential of these insights. Armed with this data, businesses can identify bottlenecks, optimise user experiences, fine-tune processes, and even predict future trends. For instance, understanding which pages or reports users engage with the most can guide business process initiatives. Simultaneously, recognising underutilised functionalities can prompt targeted training programs to maximise platform efficiency.

Enhancing Decision-Making

The utilisation of these insights isn’t restricted to a single department; it permeates throughout an organisation. Sales teams can tailor their strategies based on user interactions, marketing can refine targeting, and customer support can proactively address common pain points. Moreover, at a strategic level, executives can align investments and resources to areas that demonstrate the most user traction.

The synergy between Improved Apps’ ‘position detector’ and the prowess of the Salesforce platform and BI tools, underscores a new era in data-driven decision-making. The 2.5 million interactions seamlessly integrated into a BI platform, exemplifies the depth of understanding attainable about Salesforce user behaviour. Ultimately, leveraging this information empowers businesses to not just react but proactively shape their strategies, fostering growth and innovation.

As organisations delve deeper into this amalgamation of technology and data, the potential for informed, strategic decisions based on user behaviour within Salesforce AI becomes critical. Improved Apps’ innovative approach sets the stage for a paradigm shift, where user-centric insights fuel the engine of progress and success.

Frequently seen BI tools include:

Tableau, SAP Business Objects, Datapine, Microstrategy, SAS Business Intelligence, Yellowfin BI, Qlik, Sisense, Microsoft Power BI, LookerClear Analytics, Oracle BI, Domo, IBM Cognos Analytics

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