Knowledge is power – but only if you can find it…and measure it!

Picture this: A world where your employees can quickly find answers to their burning questions, exactly when they need them, enabling them to effortlessly deliver consistent messaging to customers and follow the right process. 

Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Well, it’s closer than you think, thanks to solutions like Salesforce Unified Knowledge and Improved Apps. So, grab your virtual popcorn, and let’s dive in!

When Employees Have Questions, Where Do They Go?

Ah, the age-old question! More often than not, finding answers can feel like a scavenger hunt. For many companies, organisational knowledge is fragmented – scattered across multiple systems and repositories. Users may scour in-app tutorials, sift through help articles, or even venture into the depths of community forums. But with content scattered across disparate platforms, the quest for knowledge can quickly turn into a wild goose chase, often finding people referring to information that may not be relevant to their role. 

How many times have you witnessed users struggling to complete their Salesforce tasks or the Support team answering the same questions over and over again?

Introducing: Unified Knowledge

But fear not – enter the concept of Unified Knowledge – a digital haven where support articles, marketing content, and learning resources converge to form a harmonious symphony of information. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all things enlightenment, where knowledge reigns supreme and confusion is but a distant memory.

And of course, a topic with heightened focus and importance –  the quality and accuracy of your generative AI content improves if you’re able to ground it in more of your organisational knowledge.

Salesforce Unified Knowledge Solution (aka SUKs): A Closer Look...

Recognising the significance of the Knowledge Management issue, Salesforce has taken steps to address it from Summer ‘24 release, working with a partner (Zoomin) for integration. They recently launched a valiant attempt to tackle the siloed nature of enterprise knowledge and content. With SUK, Administrators can bring content directly into Salesforce Knowledge Articles, paving the way for a more streamlined experience.

But as with any new adventure, there are obstacles to overcome.  As experienced Knowledge Management experts, here’s some intial thoughts that spring to mind:

  1. ZoomIn provides the connectors for third-party systems, as well as the back-end architecture to extract data from approved sources/systems and transform it to HTML, so it can be loaded into Salesforce.  Set-up for some connectors can be complex and you are limited to 3 connections on the base package.
  2. With ZoomIn, you are now introducing yet another platform sitting between your content repository and Salesforce. Where your corporate, sentisitive data (content) will be flowing through.
  3. Brings in content using connectors (from approved sources) into Salesforce Knowledge Articles.  Be careful of limitations on the size of any single piece of content, as there are limits. This means people will be finding Knowledge Artcles which may be truncated! How anoying!
  4. Content is duplicated within Salesforce, think storage limitations/costs? Salesforce storage is not cheap.
  5. Without careful planning, the floodgates to these external repositories of knowledge will be opened, bringing vast quantities of unfettered content (unless carefully moderated daily), into your Salesforce environment.
  6. Demos showcase how SUKs content can be surfaced by Copilot and Einstein Global Search. This is thanks to the out of the box prompts to Salesforce Knowledge. Again are we at risk of information overload here?
  7. Initially, Salesforce is targeting Service Cloud customers only. We expect this to broaden over time.
  8. Analytics capabilities appear limited.
  9. Over-reliance on Technical folk and System Admins may be necessary.
  10. Lightning Knowledge only, not supported in Classic Knowledge
  11. Freemium model provides 90 days usage in sandbox or 45 days in production, and 3 connector instances.  Upgrades to paid plans handled through Zoomin and may prove very costly in terms of ongoing maintenance and licence fees. Make sure you know the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) upfront.

Improved Apps Centralised Knowledge Base: A Breath of Fresh Air

Give your workforce, partners or customers access to knowledge in Salesforce

But wait, there’s more! Enter Improved Apps. Our centralised Knowledge Base, natively built on the Salesforce platform.  We’ve known about the Enterprise Knowledge Problem for years, that’s why we started our business and we’ve been a trusted and security reviewed Salesforce Partner since 2011.  And, if you are struggling with getting the right content and information to the right people, here’s why it’s worth a second glance:

  1. Content Curation: We take a more targeted approach to knowledge management, prioritising relevance and minimising noise. It’s like having a personal knowledge concierge at your beck and call! 
  2. Built on Salesforce Platform: Say goodbye to third-party connectors and hello to seamless integration with the Salesforce Platform. We don’t have access to your Org and none of your trusted data leaves your Org, eliminating any security concerns.
  3. Signposting: Content is stored or sign-posted within a Help Topic, in simple terms this is just another Salesforce record. Again, no need for connectors or duplicating content.  Just select the article or ‘golden nugget’ of help and surface it at the point of need, and suppliment the Help Topic with related resources, which allow you to summarise the content and provide valuable usage notes for your users. Why move it or duplicate it, if we can take a user straight to it?
  4. Simplicity and Efficiency: Improved Apps leverages native Salesforce capabilities, including Co-pilot, and Einstein Global Search to deliver a streamlined knowledge management experience. Accessing relevant information has never been easier from any device!
  5. Scalability and Flexibility: Whether you’re a small startup or a global enterprise, Improved Apps has got you covered. With scalability and flexibility baked right in, you can tailor the solution to fit your unique needs and workflows. It’s like having a Swiss army knife for your knowledge management needs!
  6. Smart content surfacing: Pick one way or multiple ways to surface content to users, at field level, in reading lists, dynamic tree’s of content, page walkthroughs, global AI search, wiki links, or on the utility bar…
  7. Context: Uses the rich context of your Org, such as role, geography, language, object, even data from the record being looked at, to give users access to relevant information at the point of need.

Last but by no means least – Analytics – There is no other solution that matches thr granular tracking of content engagement, usage, user sentiment and comments as Improved Apps does.

Choose Your Knowledge Adventure

Salesforce Unified Knowledge and Improved Apps both offer solutions for streamlining knowledge management within the Salesforce ecosystem and making content available for generative AI, yet they approach the task with distinct differences. 

Salesforce Unified Knowledge brings in existing content into Knowledge Articles within Salesforce platform using 3rd party connectors.  The driving force is the goal of grounding this content for improved Einstein Global Search, Co-pilot and generative AI performance

On the other hand, Improved Apps, built directly on the Salesforce Platform, prioritises simplicity, efficiency, and seamless integration, offering curated content and leveraging native Salesforce capabilities to enhance the user experience. As content is either stored or signposted to, within Salesforce records it can also be integrated within Co-pilot and your companies Large Language Models (LLMs)…  Improved Apps focus on ease of use and scalability, positioning it as an award winning, more cost effective alternative for organisations seeking to optimise their knowledge management practices within Salesforce.

Of course the decision is yours – choose wisely, and may the knowledge bee with you!

If you would like to talk to one of our lovely Knowledge Bee’s, just book your meeting here…

Give your workforce, partners or customers access to knowledge in Salesforce
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