Improved Apps Vs Salesforce MyTrailhead, In-App Guidance and LevelJump

Firstly I would like to say: Wow! What a journey!  Ten years ago we launched our groundbreaking adoption and engagement tools on the Salesforce platform. Many said we were ahead of our time and it is important to recognise how instrumental Salesforce in-app guidance, MyTrailhead and more recently LevelJump have been in helping us pave the way and raise the profile of Digital Adoption.

salesforce in-app guidance

Improved Apps has a strong partnership and great relationships throughout Salesforce that go back many years. We place enormous value on the fact that Salesforce continues to introduce us to their customers to help drive adoption, which in turn helps us to drive innovation. We have enjoyed strategic discussions with Salesforce for many years, and we continue to preview their solutions and provide feedback way ahead of any releases.

There has been a lot of positive discussion (and some confusion) across the Salesforce ecosystem about the various digital adoption related solutions available from Salesforce, such as in-app guidance, MyTrailhead and now LevelJump. So, what do these solutions – and ours from Improved Apps – mean for customers who are looking to provide and improve in-app learning experiences. To this end, I wanted to share my thoughts.

The Digital Adoption landscape

The Salesforce solutions mentioned above provide excellent tools for learning and Sales enablement and we recommend that customers consider these solutions wherever budgets permit. We also recognise that many customers have broader requirements and budget limitations, which is where the award winning digital adoption solution from Improved Apps can add value.

“Congratulations on your recent award! That is a great recognition of how and where Improved Apps is differentiating from Salesforce´s own toolset and seamlessly complementing functionality for ‘Digital Adoption’. And – it underpins that we have made the right choice to embark with you on the joined journey in setting up a new way of digitally supporting, helping, guiding and learning for our Salesforce users. I am excited to get this off the ground together with you, Deloitte, Salesforce and our Schaeffler team and generate a happy and “enabled” user base.”

Michael Immenschuh, Head of Sales Tools / CRM Schaeffler Industrial

Digital Transformation is a C-level priority for most organisations, heightened in the wake of the COVID pandemic, where the new-normal demands improvements in employee, customer and partner experiences, without sacrificing compliance. Successful transformation initiatives require Digital Adoption solutions to enable end-user engagement and process compliance, to maximise the return on investment in critical business applications. 

Analysts including Gartner and Forrester have made very clear what customers should demand from a digital adoption solution and the Battle for Digital Adoption is on, as requirements and features mature and solutions enter the mainstream market.

digital adoption enthusiasts

I believe that these rising tides of Sales enablement and Digital Transformation expectations will lift all ships, enabling solutions from Salesforce and Improved Apps to continue to raise the game when it comes to proactive user engagement and in-app learning at the point of need.

Salesforce continues to develop in-app guidance and recently acquired Sales enablement software from LevelJump, confirming their recognition of the fact that without in-app guidance the user experience is compromised. Once again, we’re in complete agreement.

Evaluating Digital Adoption solutions

When it comes to creating the best experience across your variety of applications, business processes, customisations and supporting any users regardless of what device they use, I believe there are some clear differences to be considered. 

Go native

Over the last ten years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with Salesforce customers across industries and scales of operation, helping them drive end user adoption. Time and again, those customers have turned to us not only because standard Salesforce features didn’t quite meet their needs, but also because they place great value on having more control over how they keep their end-users engaged and compliant without traditional, costly, approaches to training or unnecessary technical debt. Our ethos is to work together, to fill the gaps and maximise customers’ investment in Salesforce and other business critical applications.

I am confident that our flexible, industry-agnostic solutions make Improved Apps the partner of choice for many companies around the world, however Customers also choose to do business with us because we are 100% native. Trust is something Salesforce rightly prizes and when it comes to data protection, that trust has to be earned. Our solution runs entirely within a Customer’s trusted Org, to which we have no access whatsoever. In a world where data residency, data in transit and user access are critical concerns, our customers know without question that Improved Apps is a proven solution that they can trust.

Enable Einstein Search

I’m really keen to point out that Salesforce in-app guidance, despite being native, is not available to search for help and guidance using Salesforce search or Einstein Search. The same is true for most off-platform Digital Adoption Solutions. Customers tell us that being able to locate content served up by Improved Apps using standard search or Einstein search, means users can easily and quickly find the answers they need when they need them, affording huge time savings and much reduced frustration – key to adoption and engagement.

Day-1 vs. Every Day

As the Digital Adoption solution market continues to mature, we expect to see MyTrailhead and In-app Guidance removing the market for most page walkthrough solutions. This change will likely be accelerated for off-platform solutions due to Information Security concerns around data management and browser extensions. Such extensions can interfere with the Salesforce user interface and potentially slow down the browser experience – that is until users realise they can disable these add-ins (which they often do, apparently) thereby limiting any value from such solutions.

Cross-Platform working vs. Off-Platform Data

Very few organisations run solely on Salesforce apps and users working cross-platform or in multi-cloud environments is the norm – and our solutions support Salesforce users going ‘off-platform’. However, off-platform Digital Adoption solutions require businesses to invest in – and integrate – yet another platform where data could be compromised. I wrote an article on the importance of being native, you can read it here.

Head beyond sales enablement

Fulfilling the requirements of a true Digital Adoption Solution, companies need capabilities far beyond just Sales enablement (e.g. Leveljump – Onboarding) or guided learning and training reinforcement (e.g. In-app Guidance and MyTrailhead). The diagram below shows the true capabilities of a mature digital adoption solution that has been designed to meet the huge variety of customer needs across a number of disciplines and user experiences, to drive end user engagement and process compliance across a variety of stakeholder communities.

In the potentially complex world of digital adoption:

  • Salesforce In-app Guidance works across pages and in some areas where Improved Apps doesn’t, like sys admin setup pages;
  • Improved Apps works in areas In-App Guidance doesn’t for example Salesforce Mobile, Experience Cloud and other Web Apps not on the Salesforce platform;
  • MyTrailhead is a very good Learning Experience Platform (LEP) and complements or replaces existing Learning Management Solutions (LMS);
  • LevelJump is one of the best Sales enablement solutions in the market, focused totally on Sales process improvement;
  • Improved Apps provides the tools to onboard and enable any type of user (Employees, Customers or Partners) with a focus is on:
    • Delivery of business-defined, rich, contextualised help and training materials embedded into the places users are working;
    • Non-technical content authoring and organisation;
    • Feedback and interaction analytics;
    • Flexible, extensible components and APIs.

In summary, the many products on offer promise widely varying and often complimenting rather than competing feature sets. 

Improved Apps & Salesforce Solutions

How do organisations gain maximum benefits from Salesforce solutions in concert with Improved Apps?

In-app Guidance, MyTrailhead and Improved Apps

How are Salesforce and Improved Apps solutions complementary? Which might best suit your needs?

salesforce in-app guidance and learning paths

We encourage customers to use Salesforce In-app Guidance (Walkthroughs), however you will hit the limit of just three ‘In-App Guidance Walkthroughs’ quite quickly. Then, if you want more, you will have to dig deep into your precious budgets to invest in MyTrailhead.

salesforce in-app guidance builder
Source: Salesforce help

Investing in MyTrailhead just to gain access to more Walkthroughs is ‘a sledgehammer to crack a nut’. So make use of the three you have and let’s hope Salesforce soon increases this limit for the benefit of all customers. 

Salesforce LevelJump & Improved Apps

How are Salesforce LevelJump and Improved Apps complementary? When might you need one or both?

salesforce sales coaching and onboarding sales

To conclude, Digital Adoption Solutions have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in the past few years, fuelled by demand and the pace of change. The investment in new technology and ways of working driven by the shift to Digital Transformation means they are definitely here to stay.  We are proud to be the User Engagement People and we are offering our experience, expertise and knowledge of digital adoption to help you choose the right solution for your business.. 

It’s estimated that 70% of organisations will use digital adoption solutions by 2025. Gartner 2020 Workplace Survey

To recap the reasons to engage Improved Apps:

  • Work in Salesforce whitespace
  • Deliver unprecedented adoption analytics
  • Drive increased user engagement across any device, including mobile devices and any browser
  • Help when budgets/resources are tight
  • Single solution for multi-platform deployments
  • Business for Good’ solution, with a focus on assisting not-for-profit organisations

The future for Improved Apps

We are proud to be recognised as #1 solution for digital adoption on the Salesforce AppExchange with five-star reviews and strong revenues since our inception. This is why Salesforce continues to recommend us to their customers and recently awarded us the 2021 partner innovation award for our outstanding contribution to customer’s investment in Salesforce.

10 year anniversary and salesforce innovation award winner

We see the future of our solutions as being about further easing the ability for business users to find, share and curate best-practice help and guidance for their end-user colleagues and external stakeholders – and system administrators to configure features and manage content on the Salesforce platform and beyond. 

We’d love to help you learn more and organise a chat to learn about your challenges specifically. So I encourage you to get in touch with one of our user engagement people to start your journey on the digital adoption path to measurable success and become the digital adoption legend for your business.

salesforce digital adoption legends

Alternatively, if you wish to learn more about digital adoption without talking to us, then I encourage you to register for free and access a plethora of content and guidance we put together here DigitalAdoption.Info 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Simon Thompson

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