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Helping workplaces put people at the heart of their culture, create connected, high performing teams and coach individuals.

The research is compelling, happier workplaces display better productivity, innovation, employee brand, customer service, leadership, flexibility, and even make more money. They also have lower turnover, absenteeism and employees stay longer.

happier salespeople sell 37% more

Sarah Metcalfe at Happy Coffee Consulting has curated a starter content pack, with some useful well-being resources. Using Improved Help, this content can be embedded within your Salesforce Org and shared with employees to access during their working day, on any device. You can listen to Sarah as she explains why employee well-being at work is so important…

Happiness at work and helping people learn and thrive is an integral part of Improved Apps culture. That’s why we are offering access to this content pack for FREE.

improved apps and happy coffee consulting

Embedded content within your Salesforce Org

86% of workers believe workplace culture should support mental health and happiness

To get started, in this content pack there is:

  • The six-week challenge, focusing on Gratitude, Relationships and Purpose
  • A curated list of podcasts, including Mindset, The Power of Pause and Lunches away from your desk
  • A selection of videos to encourage awareness of our physical well-being at work

Will employees find this useful?

One of the benefits of using Improved Help for embedded content is the ability to capture employee sentiment. Using Salesforce’s out of the box dashboards, you can access granular insights into general mood, popular content and areas for improvement such as:

  • Is this content helpful to me?
  • Am I happy at work today?
  • I would like to find out more.
  • I’m not interested.

How to Download the Content Pack

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