Exploring Five Use Cases for Improved Usage Tracker in Salesforce – Happy Birthday Usage Tracker!

There is no doubt that data is king. This is where leveraging Improved Usage Tracker becomes indispensable for organisations seeking to optimise their operations and enhance user engagement.

Happy Birthday Usage Tracker!  It’s been 12 months since we first launched Usage Tracker BETA – what a journey!  The move was in response to feedback within the Salesforce Community who were looking to improve user adoption and wondering where to start.  You wanted to know what users were doing in your Salesforce Org, so that you could support them, refine business processes and align resources for greatest impact.   In just a year Usage Tracker has gone from strength to strength, with 6 new releases and proud to underpin a wide range of use cases, organisations and industries across the globe, drawn from over 600 installations.

The main things we hear are “I’ve been looking for a tool like this for years!” and “I can’t believe this is free”.  With 5* reviews on the AppExchange,  it’s clear to see the value this tool and its analytics brings to organisations.  Business and IT users are also confident that as a native App, all the usage data sits within their trusted Org. You have full control over all data capture and we provide you with easy maintenance tools.

And, if you’re wondering (we do get asked a lot!), you can read why Usage Tracker is free here, but essentially it’s because we believe achieving greater user engagement and adoption is a journey, and it starts with good data.

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, we’d like to highlight some popular use cases that have surfaced for Usage Tracker, revealing its potential to revolutionise how businesses analyse and act upon user interactions.

Use Case 1 | Tracking Opportunity Engagement

  • Easily monitor who has been viewing specific Opportunities and the frequency of their engagement over time.
  • Gain valuable insights into sales team activities, identify top performers, and assess the effectiveness of opportunity management strategies.
Sales Cloud Use Case

Use Case 2 | Enhancing Case Management


  • Quickly identify users who are actively engaging with Cases, promoting transparency and accountability within support or service teams.
  • Address issues of cherry-picking cases by monitoring user interactions, ensuring fair distribution of workload and timely resolution of customer issues.

Use Case 3 | Salesforce Knowledge Analysis

  • Overcome limitations in Salesforce Knowledge analysis by tracking knowledge article page views based on user roles or other criteria from the User object.
  • Gain deeper insights into knowledge utilisation patterns, enabling targeted content creation and knowledge base optimisation.

Use Case 4 | Dashboard Utilisation Tracking

  • Fill the gap in Salesforce’s native tracking capabilities by monitoring which Dashboards users are accessing over time.
  • Track Dashboard views by role or other parameters from the User object, empowering administrators to tailor dashboard content to user needs and preferences.

Use Case 5 | Salesforce Flow Screen Engagement Monitoring

  • Gain visibility into user interactions with various screens within Salesforce Flows, addressing the lack of native tracking for Flow usage.
  • Track Flow screen views by role or other criteria from the User object, facilitating the optimization of user workflows and the identification of areas for improvement.

Export the Data for Richer Analysis

  • General Heat / Journey Map Analysis.
  • Rich, well structured data.
  • ​Intuitive insights into user behaviour and engagement patterns.
  • Visualise user interactions by page, sub-page, user, role, geography, department, day/hour of the week, to identify hotspots of activity and areas of underutilisation for targeted optimisation efforts.

Additional Benefits

  • Deploy usage tracking capabilities within Experience Cloud to monitor user/customer engagement and optimise community experiences.
  • Extend tracking functionality to Salesforce Mobile Apps, ensuring comprehensive insights into user interactions across all platforms.
  • If you can drop a component on a page…you can track it!

Usage Tracker for Salesforce unlocks a wealth of insights into user behaviours and interactions, empowering organisations to optimise processes, enhance user experiences, and drive business success. By leveraging our usage tracking capabilities across various Salesforce core clouds, businesses can embark on their adoption journey, stay ahead of the curve and maximise the value of their Salesforce investments.

Ready to see what you are missing out on?

Our support team is on standby if you need them, but basically it’s 3 simple steps.

  1. Usage Tracker is powered by Improved Help, so you’ll need to install that first.
  2. Usage Tracker uses the ‘Position Detector’ component from our Help solution to capture usage data from pages and sub-pages around your Org. This component is FREE to use for Usage Tracker.
  3. Once Help is installed you will be able to install the Usage Tracker Packaged Dashboard.

Watch this step-by-step video to guide you through the install

improved usage tracker for salesforce movie overlay
Great useful tool that is actually free
We are using it to track usage of new workspaces and now we can use it to see how/if people are using certain custom flows. It’s easy to use and comes with pre-built dashboards and reports. Great company and they jumped in to help us out when we needed it.”
Helped with Page Layouts
Recently celebrating our 1st year on Salesforce and as a birthday present to our business, I wanted to re-organize page layouts. The question was how to identify which page layouts were being viewed the most. I searched the AppExchange and found this app. It’s EXACTLY what we needed! It was easy to install and implement and we were able to identify the top pages being viewed not only by the organization, but by Role and time of day! Without this application and the attention provided by their support team, we would still be trying to identify which pages are being viewed the most often. Thanks for the birthday gift, Simon and Elliot!”
Great app to measure report and dashboard usage
With more than 7k SFDC users with 6k+ Reports and more than 200 dashboards. We’ve recently started the journey of trying to dramatically simplify and reduce those reports/dashboards to exclusively focus on what’s most important. We searched for months to find a tool that would help us understand what needed to stay or go and found nothing! Then when we discovered this app and followed the awesome Vimeo tutorials on how to install and setup as well as achieve our use case, within an hour we were rolling! Highly recommend this app!”
Easy, Useful and Free!
What more could you want? A free app that provides useful metrics. Improved Apps quickly answered our questions and helped us configure the one last missing link to start gathering the metrics we were interested in. This will help us strategize and put focus where it matters most.”
“This is a very useful app that surfaces interesting and insightful stats including which pages are the most accessed, which times of the day and days of the week are the busiest, and much more. It also surfaces your most (and least) engaged users. It’s simple to use and comes with a useful pre-built dashboard which answers questions you didn’t know you had. Well done to Improved Apps for building the Usage Tracker and for making it available.”
improved apps logo
“The Improved Usage Tracker has received fantastic feedback from hundreds of early adopters. We are thrilled to have made a significant impact by helping our customers better understand their Salesforce usage and adoption. We have seen some interesting use cases, including the ability to determine the quietest hours of the day for pushing out significant changes, as well as gaining insights into how users are engaging with Experience Cloud deployments.”
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