Enhancing Salesforce Flows with Improved Usage Tracker and Improved Help

A Self-Serve Solution

Fairly recently Salesforce Flows replaced several traditional (less capable) methods of automating processes and streamlining workflows within a Salesforce Org and they have emerged as a very powerful tool for and improving overall user experience. However, like any tool, maximising their potential requires technical understanding, time and effort on user behaviour, addressing bottlenecks, and providing timely assistance when things go wrong. This is where Improved Usage Tracker and Improved Help come into play, revolutionising the way organisations engage and monitor Salesforce Flows and improve user adoption.

Understanding the Challenge

Salesforce Flows offer incredible flexibility in designing and executing complex processes. However, without proper insight into user interactions, it’s challenging to identify areas for improvement. Users may encounter difficulties at various stages of a flow, users may not know Flows actually exist, leading to frustration and reduced efficiency. Traditionally, addressing these user issues would involve wasted time, raising support tickets, resulting in downtime and delays.

Capture User Behaviour

Improved Usage Tracker offers a comprehensive solution for tracking user interactions within Salesforce Flows. By capturing data on who is launching specific Flows, how users navigate through a flow, where they encounter obstacles, and how far they progress, organisations gain invaluable insights into usage patterns, bottlenecks and pain points. This data-driven approach enables proactive optimisation and refinement of Flows, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and productivity.

Below is our simple recipe to start to track Flow usage, when using Improved Usage Tracker.

Identifying Bottlenecks and Challenges

With Improved Usage Tracker in place, organisations can easily identify bottlenecks and challenges within their Salesforce Flows. Whether it’s a specific screen causing confusion or a step that users frequently abandon, the data provided by the tracker illuminates areas ripe for improvement, or identifies unused Flows which could be deleted. Armed with this knowledge, administrators and developers can make targeted adjustments to streamline the Flow, removing obstacles and enhancing the user experience.

Offering Timely Assistance with Improved Help

Improved Help complements the functionality of Usage Tracker by providing users with on-demand assistance directly within a Flow. Leveraging contextual guidance and resources, such as tooltips and contextual documentation links, users receive the support they need to overcome obstacles and complete tasks successfully. This self-serve approach empowers users, reducing dependency on support tickets and minimising downtime.

Empowering Users for Success

By combining Usage Tracker and Improved Help, organisations empower users to navigate Salesforce Flows with confidence and efficiency. The iterative feedback loop facilitated by the tracker enables continuous improvement, ensuring that Flows evolve alongside changing business requirements. Meanwhile, the seamless integration of contextual guidance through Improved Help fosters a self-sufficient user base, reducing reliance on external support channels and maximising productivity.  Improved Help and Usage Tracker are both compatible with Experience Cloud and Salesforce Mobile.

In Summary

Optimising Flows for maximum efficiency and user satisfaction is essential. Improved Usage Tracker and Improved Help offer a transformative solution, enabling organisations to gain actionable insights into user behaviour, address bottlenecks, and provide timely assistance—all within the Salesforce platform itself. By embracing this self-serve approach, organisations unlock the full potential of their Salesforce Flows, driving productivity, and achieving business objectives with greater agility and confidence.

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