Empowering Salesforce Admins: Improved Apps and Supermums

Improved Apps digital adoption for salesforce user engagement

Empowering Salesforce Admins: Improved Apps and Supermums

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, skilled Salesforce administrators are in high demand. These professionals are pivotal in ensuring the success of Salesforce implementations, with user adoption being a critical factor.  This year, Improved Apps is proud to sponsor Supermums, an organisation dedicated to empowering mums (and others) into well-paid, flexible work with Salesforce through training and recruitment solutions.

EMEA Admin Course

The partnership between Improved Apps and Supermums marks a significant stride in supporting Salesforce professionals. Improved Apps is thrilled to sponsor the Salesforce EMEA admin course offered by Supermums, with a shared mission of equipping aspiring Salesforce administrators with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their roles.

Digital Adoption in the spotlight

The cornerstone of our work with Supermums is a strong focus on digital adoption. Improved Apps understand that user adoption is more than just a buzzword; it’s the linchpin of any successful Salesforce implementation. As part of this collaboration, Improved Apps recently conducted four high-impact training sessions, emphasising the crucial role of digital adoption for Salesforce admins.

Why Digital Adoption Matters

Digital adoption goes beyond merely using technology; it’s about harnessing its full potential and seamlessly integrating it into an organisation’s daily operations. Salesforce administrators play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between technology and users.

By grasping and implementing digital adoption strategies, Salesforce admins can elevate their skills and deliver exceptional value to their organisations. This expertise not only drives successful Salesforce projects but also elevates customer engagement to new heights.

Training Highlights

During the training sessions, participants had the unique opportunity to apply digital adoption strategies to real-world case studies provided by Supermums. This hands-on approach empowered participants to gain practical insights into user engagement and adoption. A key takeaway from the training was the realisation that adoption and user engagement should be the concern of every individual within an organisation, not just Salesforce admins.

Simon Thompson and Elliot Burgess, shared their vast knowledge and experience in the realm of digital adoption and provided invaluable insights to the participants.

We also supported the Supermums ‘Awesome Admins Experience’ Week, with Facebook live events focusing on ‘How to Create a User Adoption Strategy’. 

Supermums Quarterly meet up and panel discussion

Simon Thompson was delighted to be invited to participate in an expert panel at a recent Supermums’ quarterly meetup. This gathering brought together alumni, students, mentors, and sponsors for an engaging discussion. 

Simon addressed questions and shared his expertise on the critical importance of user adoption and engagement when delivering a successful Salesforce project.

Demo Jam Triumph

To add to the achievements, Improved Apps participated in the Supermums Demo Jam and emerged victorious! This triumph underscores a commitment to advancing user adoption in the Salesforce ecosystem. You can watch the winning demo jam here.

Watch the winning demo (4 Minutes)

London World Tour

Supermums were out in force this year at the Salesforce London World Tour, keen to immerse themselves in all the latest innovations and engage with as many people as possible in the ecosystem.  We encouraged as many as possible to meet us at our booth so we could find out more about their incredible journeys.  We’re pleased to say, lots did!

Expanding Opportunities

We’re excited to see that the partnership with Supermums has opened doors to exciting new opportunities. Trained admins from Supermums have brought fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the table. Improved Apps is currently working on initiatives to empower these admins and initiate them into the world of Salesforce adoption with two straightforward yet powerful tools: Usage Tracker and Noticeboard.

Improved Usage Tracker and Noticeboard

Usage Tracker and Noticeboard are two user-friendly tools designed to simplify and streamline the process of Salesforce adoption. These tools enable Salesforce admins to track usage patterns, identify areas of improvement, and communicate important updates seamlessly within the Salesforce platform. Refer to our recent blog post highlighting: 12 reasons why Improved Noticeboard is a must have solution for Salesforce Admins. We are encouraging Supermums alumni to give the tools a try within their workplaces, whilst having our full support to help them get up and running. 

Heather Black’s A-Z Guide

In addition to this collaborative effort, Heather Black, the founder of Supermums, has launched her book titled “The A-Z Guide on How to Become a Super Salesforce Consultant.” Within this comprehensive guide, readers can find a treasure trove of knowledge, including Improved Apps’ contribution under T – Training and  U –  User Adoption.

Commitment to Digital Adoption…

Improved Apps ongoing support of Supermums represents a powerful alliance committed to enhancing the skills and knowledge of Salesforce administrators. By placing digital adoption and user engagement at the forefront, they are arming Salesforce professionals with the tools they need to excel in their roles and drive successful Salesforce projects. As the collaboration continues to bear fruit, Improved Apps is eager to explore new opportunities with Supermums-trained admins and introduce them to the world of Salesforce adoption through innovative tools like Usage Tracker and Noticeboard. Together, we are transforming the Salesforce ecosystem, one empowered admin at a time.

If you’re  interested in finding out more about Supermums and their courses, head to https://supermums.org/ or contact – hello@supermums.org

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