Content Accessibility Leads to 50% Reduction in Training Costs

With guided walkthroughs, nudges, and tips to navigate highly customised Salesforce installations, it’s no surprise that Improved Apps Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) are worth their weight in gold when improving adoption and user engagement.

Tools that help businesses promote self-service, boost adoption, and provide insights on experience, usability, and optimisation opportunities for both internal users and end customers are becoming critical to overcoming the challenges of digital transformation.

Sales Operations, Digital Transformation Project Leaders, Learning & Development and Salesforce Delivery Professionals all approach us interested to understand the various use cases and benefits they can expect from investing in a Salesforce Digital Adoption partner like Improved Apps.

Digital Adoption Boosts Enterprise Digital Transformation

We hear often that users find CRM solutions like Salesforce hard to navigate. In many situations, in order to complete tasks and activities, they turn to help desk teams or colleagues. As enterprises implement new releases, revised processes and migrate to newer applications, they also rely on help desk teams for training and support. Both scenarios increase avoidable costs. Improved Apps are able to mitigate these challenges, improving usability, and fostering engagement of your Salesforce platform.

Forrester defines Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) as:

Platforms that automate systems training, onboarding, and customer education programs with programmed walkthroughs, contextual nudges, and personalized guidance for users. They integrate with enterprise applications and other digital tools to drive adoption, optimize usage, and promote digital engagement with in-app support and automation.

Although the primary use case for DAPs is seen as easing adoption of applications, Improved Apps target multiple use cases, offering wide-ranging features, from simple guided assistance to contextual content delivery and analytics. We often start with a quick win or proof of concept based on immediate business need and best practice but roll out enhanced capabilities over time as the business realises the return on investment.

Employee Engagement Strategies

Access to technology and support to complete their daily work is a key element of employee satisfaction, and employers are taking notice. Improved Apps is the only native Salesforce Digital Adoption Solution. Our tools simplify usability and guide employees through processes and day-to-day tasks effectively.

1. Onboard and engage employees

Our tools enable complex and custom Salesforce environments to become easy to use for both new and existing employees. Employees have access to configured workflows and alerts that familiarise them with all functionalities to complete their day-to-day tasks. The business (not IT) can create role-based walkthroughs that simplify technology onboarding for new employees. In-app support furthers engagement and timely resolution of user issues. Ramp-up time for a new user can be reduced by 50%.

2. Accelerate application adoption and usage with contextual nudges

Journey based engagement can track progress and adoption. Out of the box, our dashboard based on Salesforce analytics enables personalisation and provides contextual assistance by directing users to relevant content and knowledge articles. These nudges are programmed to raise completion rates and strengthen knowledge retention. Improved Apps content curation tools enable enterprises to use existing knowledge resources and surface them at the right time and place for the user in context. An Accenture study, for an Improved Apps high tech customer reported that 70% fewer support calls were received by supporting the users where they need the help and training.

3. Enable on-demand learning

Configured workflows and walkthroughs are available for employees on-demand, to consume at their pace. On-demand learning also helps deliver timely coaching to manage updates and refreshers to training programs. Data quality can be increased by 50% by providing page and field level help so that users understand what information is required.

Fewer Support Calls & Emails

70% fewer support calls gained by supporting the users where they need the help and training.

Lower Training Costs and Time

50% reduction in a company’s overall budget for training Salesforce users – no need to train the trainer

Lower Authoring Costs

30% saving of time, as it’s easier to add help in context and you can place help right where your users need help & training

Lower Improvement Costs

60% time saved maintaining content as you don’t need to waste time managing screenshots to set the scene, update in situ!

Improve Self-Service Experiences for Customers and Partners

Improved Apps is the only native Digital Adoption Platform that works with Experience (Community) Cloud – not even MyTrailhead can do this. We provide a valuable tool to promote customer and partner self-service using contextual assistance and support to enable more self-service journeys.

1. Creating guided experiences

Improved Help can deliver a guided experience on customer portals built on Experience Cloud and mobile environments with tutorials and walkthroughs. Not only that, rebranding our solutions to meet your brand guidelines makes the customer experience seamless.

Presenting timely tips and assistance that promote ease of use, discourages customers from abandoning self-serve journeys and heading for customer support instead. Insights on usage, popular help topics and guidance enable organisations to continuously improve the customer experience and manage resources cost efficiently.

2. Onboarding new users and promoting self-service

Managing new customer onboarding, awareness, and education programs on customer-facing platforms is a key challenge for firms. Improved Apps can ease customer onboarding with tailored walkthroughs to familiarise customers with new tools and applications. This leads to accelerated and enhanced engagement and a reduction in customer queries about navigating the website.

DMCC Case study

Using analytics to manage knowledge resources

Improved Apps out of the box dashboard and insights, highlight the performance of knowledge resources and collects user feedback and sentiment on help and support content. Businesses use these insights, based on content consumption to establish user preference, and build on existing knowledge resources where demand is required. Application usage, adoption, and performance insights can guide your Salesforce implementation strategy and optimise operational costs.

Insights and analytics enable content curation and creation services to elevate the performance of enterprise knowledge systems. An Accenture study, for an Improved Apps High Tech customer reported 30% reduction in training costs and 60% time saved maintaining training and knowledge content.

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