Bullhorn Engage 2022 – Meet the Moment

Improved apps are delighted to be sponsoring the Bullhorn ‘Engage’ London event on 8th November 2022. It promises to be a packed day of learning, networking, and reconnecting with industry peers at a new venue in the heart of the city.

engage london 2022

What can you expect at Engage London 2022?

‘Meet the Moment’

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Meet the Moment’. The pace of change is fast, and there is a tremendous opportunity for staffing firms to bring their digital transformation strategies to life. Each of the sessions will dive into the steps the recruitment industry needs to take to transform digitally, talk through challenges, share success stories, and explore how to harness the power of technology and critical business processes to drive growth now and in the future.

We’ve heard of the expression ‘Carpe Diem’ to ‘Seize the Moment’. But until now the expression ‘Meet the Moment’ was new to us. It means ‘to rise to the occasion‘, to have courage to act in unexpected circumstances, in contrast to being a bystander, for example, a person in authority using the power they have to help.

So, in the spirit of this year’s event, how do our Digital Adoption Solutions and projects relate to ‘Meet the Moment’ and how can we provide a positive impact on business outcomes for your business?

Moments of Need

One of the top recruitment industry challenges is digital transformation, which can often mean cost-cutting. Whether this happens through less face-to-face engagement, more self-service, less help for staff or less support for customers. Some of these impacts of cost cutting can be avoided if you consider the ‘Moments of Need’ for your employees, partners and customers when introducing new technology or processes.

Theresa Durrant, from Resource on Demand, Europe’s first Salesforce Recruitment Agency, told us: “Millennials now account for the majority of today’s workforce, and they are the generation most open to accepting change. Moving jobs is de rigueur for them, which makes employee onboarding and retention even more difficult for businesses. If you are looking to keep your employees happy and engaged throughout the onboarding process you have to appeal to their natural curiosity. Things have to happen quickly, smoothly and efficiently and they need to feel like they’re already part of the team very early on in the process.”

The 5 Moments of Need® is a framework for gaining and sustaining effective on-the-job performance of employees and work teams.

It enables learning in the workflow while people perform their jobs. It also reduces and optimises traditional formal learning time (which requires employees to pause their work to learn).

The approach cultivates self-reliant, highly engaged learners quick access to just what’s needed, when it’s needed, to solve problems, and adapt ahead of change.

Moments of Need

We believe that ‘Meet the Moment’ is really meeting the moment of need. Improved Apps offer the only Digital Adoption Solution integrated right inside Bullhorn for Salesforce.

If you are attending the event, please visit our booth in the Salesforce area to continue the conversation or get in touch to speak to one of our Digital Adoption Specialists.

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