Adoption, Enablement and Mulled Wine…

It was our final event of 2022. Thank you to all who braved the train strikes, flu and snow to attend the ‘Architect Afternoons’ event on Adoption and Enablement. With special thanks to our panelists and sponsors. We enjoyed the conversation…and of course the mulled wine!

Salesforce Enablement and Adoption is a topic hitting the headlines
‘Architect Afternoons’ event on Adoption and Enablement.

Salesforce Enablement and Adoption is a topic hitting the headlines. As experts in this field, Improved Apps and The Architech Club wanted to provide something of value to everyone who gave their time to attend, so we’ve put together this whitepaper: Sales Enablement – The Ultimate Guide, to share our industry insight and knowledge.

We’re also opening up access to our FREE Adoption Booster Service, aimed at any Salesforce customer struggling with end user adoption. This is a great opportunity to achieve some adoption quick wins, so please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Insights from the panel:

Some of the key discussion points from our panel of Salesforce experts included:

  • What happens next? It’s not just about getting the implementation right. What is the plan for embedding consistent and accurate Salesforce usage within a user’s flow of work, for max ROI on investment.
  • Budget should be allocated to adoption, not just implementation.
  • Include enablement in the requirements gathering phase, pain points should not be an afterthought when user adoption is low.
  • Executive sponsorship is required to champion adoption and bring users onboard.
  • Tying business process in with Salesforce usage shouldn’t be an imposition. You need buy-in from the top and buy-in from users to ensure everyone’s job is made easier and more productive by the transition.
  • In any Digital Transformation project…make sure there is transformation. Make it clear what is being done differently, how does it benefit the customer, company and the people doing the work?
  • Get people onboard from the start. Champions are needed within the business to drive change and reduce on-site, in-person training.
  • User manuals are not how people learn. Information needs to be bite-size and easily accessible whilst undertaking the job in hand.
  • Implementations can include page, after page, after page, of documentation that no-one needs (or reads) – Make it accessible.
  • Find an Anti-Hero – the person who has been through numerous change programs and has seen it all before, with little or no benefit. Convert them, make them your champion, get them to tell others – Absolute Gold!
  • Think about a mix of champions, new starters, anti-heroes and change advocates to win the hearts and minds of users.
  • You need a change management process and implementation plan – carry it out!
  • You can’t have too much communication!
  • Going live is not an indication of success and adoption doesn’t happen overnight, it is an ongoing process.
  • ADOPTION – the most important part of any implementation

Phew, that’s a long list of insights! Were there any we missed? We’d love to hear yours.

Thanks to: Amanda Beard-Neilson, Nathaniel Sombu, Antonina Romanova, Grant Wallace, Eleanor Dearing, Tracy Keeling, David Holmes, ☁ Dave Loch, Chris Harvey
LendInvest (LSE: LINV), ProvenWorks, Steadman Brown, The Architech Club

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