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The User Engagement Playbook – ‘Moving the Adoption Needle’

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, successful technology adoption is crucial for driving organisational growth and maximising the value of investments. That’s why we are …

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Streamlining the Salesforce Sales-to-Delivery Process for Maximum Success

Join us for an exciting edition of Architech Afternoons as we delve into the critical stage of a Salesforce implementation: the handover from sales to delivery.

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Maximising Your ROI with Salesforce: Key Strategies and Features for Successful User Adoption

Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool that can transform the way your business operates, but getting the most out of it requires careful planning, effective communication, and a focus on user adoption.

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Maximising ROI with Salesforce

The recent Architech Afternoon event was a hotbed for debate on the topic of Salesforce ROI. We hope you enjoyed the engaging and collaborative insights and exchanges from our panel of experts as much as we did!

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Webinar: Maximise Salesforce Adoption

Wed 19th April 4-4.30pm (BST) – Uncover how your team uses Salesforce and empower them to use it more effectively

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Maximising your investment with Salesforce

The Architech Club and Improved Apps invite you to OwnBackup, 9 Devonshire Square for the next Architech Afternoons event, focusing on how you can enable your business for success using the power of the Salesforce platform.

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Adoption, Enablement and Mulled Wine…

It was our final event of 2022. Thank you to all who braved the train strikes, flu and snow to attend the ‘Architect Afternoons’ event on Adoption and Enablement.

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Architech Afternoons: Engagement & Adoption

Architech Club and Improved Apps invite you to ‘Architech Afternoons’ event at Soho, London. A Christmas Special, focused on user enablement and adoption.

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Bullhorn Engage 2022 – Meet the Moment

Improved apps are delighted to be sponsoring the Bullhorn ‘Engage’ London event on 8th November 2022. It promises to be a packed day of learning, …

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Improved Adoption

Adoption Booster Service – With the support of Salesforce, we have introduced a FREE service for any Salesforce Customer who finds themselves in a difficult situation, struggling with end user adoption, but still have the appetite to make Salesforce work.

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Improved Apps & Happy Coffee Consulting

Helping workplaces put people at the heart of their culture, create connected, high performing teams and coach individuals.

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Content Accessibility Leads to 50% Reduction in Training Costs

With guided walkthroughs, nudges, and tips to navigate highly customised Salesforce installations, it’s no surprise that Improved Apps Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) are worth their weight in gold when improving adoption and user engagement.

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