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A Self-help Guide to Digital Adoption

Written by Shannon J. Gregg PhD, President of Cloud Adoption Solutions When considering user adoption of technology, three things should be considered… Adult Learners: who will adopt the tech? Diffusion of Innovations: how will they adopt the tech? Change Management: what steps will ensure the tech will be adopted? As you’re planning your digital adoption…
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The Battle for Digital Adoption

Gone are the heroic battles for queen and country. The new battle, happeningright now, in every industry, across the globe, is for Digital Adoption. Battlegrounds have shifted from the trenches, air or high seas; they are now being fought in the cloud. The implications are bigger than anything in the history books, will impact more…
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24 Apps that Led to Pandemic Superpowers in 2020

We know that we have helped lots of Customers during these crazy times, but it’s great to be recognised as a Superpower by Salesforce! Don’t take our word for it… see these 24 apps and related Customer stories: Read more by following this link… Do get in touch and we can demo our solutions, it…
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Finding your Jam! ❤🍓 eBook

Improved Apps is featured in this new ebook by Salesforce, Inspiring Insights from Our Year Inside. From cutting our own hair to digitally transforming our businesses, we all picked up some new skills in 2020; and this ebook will inspire fellow Trailblazers about lessons learned and the apps used. 24 hand selected ISV’s are featured…
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Customer Webinar – Driving Usage & Adoption

Anyone responsible for Digital Transformation, Change Management projects or driving usage & adoption around Salesforce must watch this 5 minute video we put together with Brambles Learning and Development leader Julie Holloway. Do get in touch and we can demo our solutions, it will quickly bring you up to speed on the innovation that is ‘Improved Apps’, or visit our AppExchange listings for Improved…
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WOW – 92% CSAT Score from our Customers

We’d like to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to all our wonderful Customers for your CSAT feedback driving this amazing CSAT score. Our December 2020 Customer satisfaction survey results are just in… Do get in touch and we can demo our solutions, it will quickly bring you up to speed on the innovation that is ‘Improved…
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Why Improved Help For Salesforce.com Compared With Any LMS, DMS or CMS

We often get asked ‘Why use Improved Help for Salesforce.com when we already have LMS, DMS, and CMS systems in place?’ Well… Every enterprise Customer we work with has already invested significantly in Learning Management Solutions (LMS), Document Management Systems (DMS) or Content Management Systems (CMS), and, some have many of these! It’s quite normal to find…
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Innovative industry solutions, built on Salesforce

Salesforce are helping CIOs in Europe streamline their business processes and solve their technology challenges. Improved Apps features in every single industry solution under user adoption. Automotive, Banking, Consumer Packaged Goods, Health & Life Sciences, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, Professional Services, Retail, Telecoms, Travel, Transport & Hosptitality, Utilities……We’ve got you all! Read more… Do get in…
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Users Don’t Want To Be Trained Anymore

Businesses’ key initiatives today are around digital transformation (including Digital Learning) and agile strategies. Businesses are spending a lot of money on technology to help employees be more efficient, yet they are not getting the value from that investment. Executives worry because we, as users, are changing. Our users today have a lack of retention…
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The Cloud Enterprise Documentation Challenge

The Salesforce Customer has become the Integrator and is trying to manage the enterprise documentation challenge. The Salesforce platform makes it extremely easy, with ‘point & click’ to: Build and Customise Salesforce applications: overriding labels and adding custom fields and more; Add AppExchange applications: to buy ready-made solutions to common processes; Create Custom Objects or…
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True Context-Sensitive Content And Help Is Here Today

I strongly believe that most context-sensitive Help solutions around today lack in context because they have limited integration, which would be funny if it wasn’t so annoying.  We see various definitions out there in the public domain, like “context-sensitive help provides information about the user interface of an application relative to the task a user…
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