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Articles from Improved Apps

Our take on the latest news and updates from the Salesforce community

Success Is Embedded Training

It's time to create a better user experience, allowing our users to dip in and out of training whenever they need too. THE PROBLEM All too often, system training is divorced from the operational process it supports. Staff are taken out of their working...

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Drinking our own champagne

If a company is selling you something to improve your business, isn't it good practice if they're using their own solutions to improve their own business? Shouldn't they be prepared to show you what they're doing and how they're doing it? We believe so! 'Drinking our...

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Let’s Make Searching A Thing Of The Past

Life's too short to waste time searching for information. Endless searching, it's a pet hate of mine, and I'm sure it's something that resonates with us all. Searching endlessly for information we'd rather have at our fingertips is frustrating whatever the situation,...

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