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Improved Adoption

Adoption Booster Service - With the support of Salesforce, we have introduced a FREE service for any Salesforce Customer who finds themselves in a difficult situation, struggling with end user adoption, but still have the appetite to make Salesforce work.
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Employee onboarding: Jump on-board and join the ride!

Whenever a technology, new way of working or a change program is introduced, there also needs to be a review of the processes that surround it and the potential impacts. What training is required to support new processes and onboard employees successfully? Companies in all industries around the globe are investing significant amounts of money…
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Improved Apps Vs Salesforce MyTrailhead, In-App Guidance and LevelJump

Firstly I would like to say: Wow! What a journey!  Ten years ago we launched our groundbreaking adoption and engagement tools on the Salesforce platform. Many said we were ahead of our time and it is important to recognise how instrumental Salesforce in-app guidance, MyTrailhead and more recently LevelJump have been in helping us pave…
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Brambles Transforms its Business with Improved Apps and Salesforce

Improved Apps recognised in Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards. Every year, Salesforce recognises partners for outstanding innovation in delivering transformative solutions and customer success. We are beyond delighted to share that Improved Apps has won the 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award with our Sales Cloud solution for Brambles, showcasing leadership within the Salesforce ecosystem. Improved Apps…
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The Importance of being Native…

As the Digital Transformation shift continues, companies are becoming more sensitive about their data security, and so they should be. When we hear people talking about native vs. non-native apps for Salesforce, there appears to be confusion about what this means. So let’s help clear this up! 100% Native is the ultimate mark of security,…
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Unlock Customer-Centric Growth using the World’s #1 CRM

Improved Apps Helps Create Experiences That Drive Growth As businesses and cultures worldwide eagerly transition into a digital-first marketplace, seamless online customer experiences have become paramount for any company to survive and subsequently thrive. With customers becoming the heart and soul of any organisation, more companies are accelerating their shift to digital business — simultaneously…
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A Self-help Guide to Digital Adoption

Written by Shannon J. Gregg PhD, President of Cloud Adoption Solutions When considering user adoption of technology, three things should be considered… Adult Learners: who will adopt the tech? Diffusion of Innovations: how will they adopt the tech? Change Management: what steps will ensure the tech will be adopted? As you’re planning your digital adoption…
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The Battle for Digital Adoption

Gone are the heroic battles for queen and country. The new battle, happeningright now, in every industry, across the globe, is for Digital Adoption. Battlegrounds have shifted from the trenches, air or high seas; they are now being fought in the cloud. The implications are bigger than anything in the history books, will impact more…
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24 Apps that Led to Pandemic Superpowers in 2020

We know that we have helped lots of Customers during these crazy times, but it’s great to be recognised as a Superpower by Salesforce! Don’t take our word for it… see these 24 apps and related Customer stories: Read more by following this link… Do get in touch and we can demo our solutions, it…
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