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Safety Urged whilst Implementing AI within Businesses using Salesforce: A Best Practice Education Approach

AI is ubiquitous in discussions today; it’s virtually impossible to avoid. The majority of organisations and their employees are considering utilising AI in various capacities, ...
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Enhancing Salesforce Flows with Improved Usage Tracker and Improved Help

A Self-Serve Solution Fairly recently Salesforce Flows replaced several traditional (less capable) methods of automating processes and streamlining workflows within a Salesforce Org and they ...
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Exploring Five Use Cases for Improved Usage Tracker in Salesforce – Happy Birthday Usage Tracker!

There is no doubt that data is king. This is where leveraging Improved Usage Tracker becomes indispensable for organisations seeking to optimise their operations and ...
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Defining the Modern-Day Bat Signal

Enhancing Work Productivity with the Improved Apps Noticeboard Solution for Salesforce. When you look at productivity and communication within organisations, efficiency is the key to ...
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Balancing Act: The Importance of Maintaining Human Interface in AI Implementation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of various industries, promising efficiency, automation, and improved user experiences. However, a recent incident involving a DPD ...
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Centralised Knowledge Boosts Productivity

The way we access and share knowledge has undergone a significant transformation as hybrid working has become more commonplace. Traditionally, employees could rely on turning ...
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The Enterprise Knowledge Problem: Overcoming Challenges in Knowledge Management

Today, one of the most critical yet challenging aspects of running a business is effectively managing knowledge and knowledge resources. The sheer volume of information, ...
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The Backbone of Successful User Adoption: The Imperative of Good Data – and Why Improved Usage Tracker is FREE!

Businesses are grappling with the challenge of maximising user adoption. It’s not just about implementing a robust system within your Salesforce Org; it’s about fostering ...
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Lighten the Load with Help ‘Lite’: A Salesforce Admin’s Secret Weapon

Are you a Salesforce Admin juggling more hats than a circus performer? Balancing user training, support calls, and trying to boost user adoption all at ...
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Leveraging Improved Apps’ ‘Position Detector’ Component to Uncover Salesforce User Behaviour for Informed Decision-Making

For modern business operations, understanding user behaviour within platforms like Salesforce has become integral for strategic decision-making. Tools like our ‘Position Detector’ component, have emerged ...
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Leveraging Existing Tools to Feed Your AI Strategy | Seize The Opportunity Now!

In the past few weeks, we’ve engaged in discussions with CTOs and Digital Leaders, gaining insights into what’s on their minds when developing strategies for ...
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Empowering Salesforce Admins: Improved Apps and Supermums

Empowering Salesforce Admins: Improved Apps and Supermums In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, skilled Salesforce administrators are in high demand. These professionals are pivotal in ...
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