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Welcome to the next generation of Salesforce user engagement

Empower your Salesforce users by providing them with up to date, contextual information, precisely when and where they need it.
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Our story

Improved Apps journey began back in 2011, when a group of like-minded Salesforce experienced specialists saw a need for a better way of engaging users. 

As the workplace has evolved over recent years, we all find we have fewer hours in the day to get tasks done. Training and self-development often take a back seat in our day-to-day lives, and role based on-boarding is limited or rushed. Expensive classroom sessions take us away from the task in hand and often don’t deliver the experience needed to be successful.

The ‘forgetting curve’ is real and it’s well known that only small amounts of information are ever retained. The situation has worsened over the years, as our experience as consumers – where we can search for answers quickly – make us all accustomed to instant gratification, which isn’t necessarily the case in the business world.

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In the business world there’s simply too much information – in too many places – and the current attitude to being taught or having to learn something new is causing a major impact to users productivity, employee engagement and the overall experience… Businesses require a better way to engage their users and focus much more on the customer, partner and employee experience.

According to recent research by Gallup, the majority (51%) of US workers do not feel engaged at work. Gallup has dubbed this state of affairs an “employee engagement crisis”— and for good reason. Highly engaged business units realise a 21% improvement in profitability. Engagement also has a significant impact on employee retention, with highly engaged employees being 87% less likely to leave their companies (Source: Forbes)

Our mission is to prevent the daily time-wasting spent searching for content or answers and to drive the next generation of user engagement, which improves adoption, the overall experience and business value.

We created a way for micro-learning and help at the point of need, to be the experience we crave.

No longer do businesses need to have large budgets, lots of people and time to deliver the on-boarding, adoption and on-going engagement needed to succeed. Now, all the training, learning and knowledge absorption can be done in-situ, at a time and location to suit the user.

We designed the User Engagement Layer(™) for Salesforce to connect people with ever-changing digital content, intelligently, from any location, to increase proficiency and deliver a measurably better experience, which drives employee and customer success.

Deeply rooted as a trusted, security reviewed Salesforce partner, we are a team of experienced Salesforce people. Hence, we understand Salesforce technology, the platform, adoption, Lightning and the opportunity and challenges they bring for Salesforce customers.

“We strive to deliver the most trusted, quality, flexible solutions, which meet critical business challenges today.” – Martin Little – CTO/Co-founder

No matter which team you represent – executives, sales, service or other areas – we can help you reduce costs, meet your current business initiatives and digital transformation projects.

“We depend on our own technology to address common challenges, both internally and for our customers” – Keith Clarke (COO & Co-founder)

Find out more about our wonderful solutions, our valued customers, our core values, as well as how we are investing into the future for mutual success, by getting in touch with one of our team today..

Welcome to the new age of digital enablement, where our User Engagement Layer(™) drives a better experience for everyone.  

Simon Thompson – CEO/Co-founder


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Our firstFlagship Customer Salesforce Mobile Ready Launched our Partner Programme User Behaviour and Analytics Launched Salesforce approved Lightning Ready The User Engagement LayerTM Launched 42nd Version Released Salesforce Top 5 Fastest Growing Partner in UK&I

Core Values

Custom success logo

Customer Success

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do – we’re here to guide customers through the buying process, initial deployment, as well as the on-going utilisation of our solutions to maximise value from their investment. All Improved Apps employees are responsible for customer success, we offer as little or as much support as our customers need.

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We are the experts in what we do and we work hard to build trust through customer success with our partners and customers, striving to exceed expectations. Our solutions are built on the trusted Salesforce platform, with no third party infrastructure, no browser extensions, no data processing or residency risks – making Improved Apps the most trusted solution. 

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Our customers’ data stays safe within their trusted Salesforce instances, complying with their applied Salesforce security settings & data sharing rules. No data leaves their Salesforce org(s) and we have no access. No risky browser extensions are needed for internal use or community access – making our solutions browser and device agnostic and secure.

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Innovation and Quality

We use industry best practice and customer feedback to drive constant innovation and deliver software of the highest possible quality. We pride ourselves on delivering frictionless installation and onboarding for our flexible solutions that provide almost limitless capabilities.

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Giving Back

Improved Apps is a proud member of Pledge 1%. Our simple program reflects what we believe in… to donate 1% of our time and 1% of our product to charity. The purpose of the Improved Apps philanthropic program is to support activities that enhance and serve communities in which we live and work and the issues that impact quality of life. 

Get started in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Install from the AppExchange

Choose from our apps Improved NoticeBoard or Improved Help.

Step 2

Configure for any experience

Drag and drop chosen packaged components onto your pages, then run the quick start wizard.

Step 3

Create Help

Start authoring content and deploy to your users, all within your Salesforce application.

Step 4

Watch your users' engagement increase

Monitor the packaged dashboards to see user engagement and sentiment real-time. No more end-user surveys.


We support Classic, Visual Force, Lightning, Mobile, Communities, Console Apps, Portals & even non-Salesforce web apps. Browser extensions are not needed because we are the only 100% native Salesforce solution. This means no restriction on browsers or devices, delivering a quality experience for all users - internal, customers or partners.

“I'm really impressed by the extra functionality that Improved Apps brings to Salesforce and deeply appreciate the strong support offered by the company, particularly our support associate Tom Burgess. We're rolling out IA at the same time as we're onboarding an influx of new users to Salesforce and it's a great tool for supplementing that process.”

Gareth Machin

“I have worked with the Improved Apps team on a number of projects and have always found them to be helpful, knowledgeable and generous in their time.”

Mike Hemphill | Certified Salesforce Developer / Zurich NA

“I contacted Improved Apps for assistance setting it up and using the app and they were very responsive and happy to help. I have been on multiple calls with a member of their team and they are always very kind, professional, quick to respond and most of all, helpful. They helped us build improved apps to the point our whole team loves using it. Some of the best customer service I have ever received.”

Taylor McCracken

“Improved NoticeBoard is a very simple to use but very useful tool. It is very nice to use it for communication in the whole company or just individually teams. Also the contact and support by their team is very good.”

Marco Wittig

“We are using this technology in order to embed learning in the daily workflow of our distribution/sales employees. They will receive learning at the speed of business -without needing to leave

I am incredibly impressed with the world class service we are receiving from Improved Apps. Callum works directly with our Instructional Designers and Learning Technologists in our time zone, Elliot provides value whenever it is needed and Simon is always in touch and responds to requests/questions immediately.”

Sharon Kaliouby

“NoticeBoard was a great upgrade for us in our ability to manage communications to our support agents, by team if necessary, and report on it. It was particularly helpful for communications that required tracking on compliance like PCI/security awareness, HR updates, etc. The tool was straightforward to get setup and using, and we also built some automation internally, but whenever we did run into questions or needed recommendations on best practices, the ImprovedApps team was a breeze to work with.”

Adam Ferenzi